AMAC Action 2020 Annual Advocacy Report

A yearly review of the Accomplishments and Developments set forth by AMAC Action. The Association of Mature American Citizen's Advocacy division.



Table of Contents Mission Statement Executive Summary AMAC Action and the Government Relations Team 2021 Legislative Priorities Recap of 2020 Congressional Activity Key Legislative Victories AMAC Supported Bills Signed Into Law Legislative Support, Recommendations, and Coalition Letters Grassroots Advocacy Relationship with the Trump Administration AMAC’s 2020 Proactive Communications Strategy, Policy Analyses, Medica Interviews, Social Media and Press Releases Appendix A: AMAC Columns

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MISSION STATEMENT AMAC Action serves to confront the myriad challenges to the United States Constitution, freedom, liberty and the free market. Along with our advocates, we will advance AMAC Action’s influence in Washington, D.C. and in Congressional Districts across the country while acting as a recognized and valued resource for our members, Congress, state leaders, and seniors throughout America.

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EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Driven by the membership’s direction and despite significant challenges posed by the coronavirus pandemic, the advocacy affiliate of AMAC – the Association of Mature American Citizens, AMAC Action, had a breakthrough year in 2020. AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team met with 93 Congressional offices either in-person (pre-pandemic) or virtually. Meetings to discuss AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee, our sponsored H.R. 856 (the Physician Pro Bono Care Act) and other health care issues were held with members of the Senate Finance Committee, the House Ways and Means Committee and its Social Security Subcommittee, the Senate Finance Committee and its Social Security Subcommittee, the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus, the Republican Study Committee, the Senate Homeland Security, Governmental Affairs Committee and the Director of Domestic Policy (and staff) at the Trump White House. AMAC Action’s recommendations during the coronavirus relief legislation debate resulted in significant victories for seniors that enabled them to better weather the financial havoc wreaked by the pandemic and protected their Social Security benefits. AMAC Action’s efforts also resulted in more financial relief for seniors as they pay for their prescription drugs and created a more competitive landscape for hospital medical services. Three AMAC-supported bills were signed into law by President Trump including one that protects Alzheimer’s disease patients from abuse in nursing homes and another that protects patients from the predatory practice of surprise medical billing. AMAC members were welcomed into the Trump White House throughout 2020 to participate in a policing roundtable discussion, provide their personal experiences with managing the high cost of their medication expenses, including insulin, and attend Executive Order signings. AMAC Action’s advocacy staff and volunteers became very proficient in working around the pandemic via virtual Meet & Greet events. A total of 55 Meet & Greet events were hosted by AMAC Action for Members of Congress and candidates throughout the country in 2020. These events were well received by the AMAC membership at-large and we look to expand these virtual meetings moving forward. AMAC Action activated the membership to participate in numerous Calls-to-Action throughout 2020. Hundreds of thousands of AMAC members contacted their federal and state representatives on issues including hospital price transparency, questionable Covid-19 policies, and election integrity. In some cases, AMAC members’ participation directly supported the success of our legislative efforts. AMAC national spokespersons hit the airwaves in 2020 with hundreds of radio and television interviews complemented with hundreds more columns that they authored and supported with a significant social media presence.

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AMAC ACTION AND THE GOVERNMENT RELATIONS TEAM Perhaps the most fundamental benefit of membership in AMAC is the sincere representation of member interests in Washington, D.C. and through the Association’s national grassroots advocacy programs. AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the membership in our nation’s capital and in local Congressional Districts throughout the country. AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, D.C. with our Government Relations Team. This group of dedicated, professional advocates is committed to the privilege of representing AMAC members’ priorities and conveying their concerns to federal lawmakers. The AMAC Action Government Relations Team Bob Carlstrom President AMAC Action Bob Carlstrom serves as President of AMAC Action and brings a credential that is a blend of senior executive leadership in business, government, politics, communications, and media. He co-founded and built one of Washington’s largest independent government, international, public relations, and federal marketing consulting firms. He also rebuilt the management investment team and refined the strategy to undertake a roll-up in the metals finishing component of the parts manufacturing industry, acquiring in a concurrent M&A transaction six operating companies in five states. In government and politics, Bob served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency review and analysis - including the development of a broad range of legislation.

Andy Mangione Senior Vice President AMAC Action

Andy Mangio ne served as AMAC’s point person on Capitol Hill in 2012-2014 and created AMAC Action’s Delegate Program. He oversees AMAC Action’s national grassroots advocacy programs and is charged with their expansion. He also assists the team in Washington, D.C. and manages AMAC’s presence in Louisville, Kentucky. Andy is very involved in charting the policy course for AMAC Action and the subsequent execution of legislative strategies. Andy also represents AMAC as a national spokesperson and frequently writes for all AMAC media in addition to national online publications and other regional media.

Jennifer Bengtson Vice President, Operations and Advocacy AMAC Action

Jennifer Bengtson serves as Vice President, Operations and Advocacy for AMAC Action. She is responsible for managing the operations of the advocacy office located in Lady Lake, Florida and serves as the primary liaison for AMAC Action Delegates, Chapter Leaders and Chapter members. Jennifer also collaborates on policies and procedures and leads the support of all grassroots expansion and recruiting.

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Bobby Charles President and Managing Member The Charles Group

Robert B. Charles became National Spokesperson for AMAC in 2019. Prior to serving as AMAC’s National Spokesman, Charles spent eight years as an AMAC strategic planner, supervisor of congressional outreach, and writer. He served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell (2003-05), Chief Counsel and Staff Director of The Congressional Oversight Committee’s arm investigating Justice, Defense, State and NASA under Speaker Newt Gingrich (1995-2000), and is a former New York and Washington D.C. litigator. Charles previously taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School and was also a US Naval Intelligence Officer. He is the author of “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003) and “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018).

Palmer Schoening President Schoening Strategies

Palmer Schoening is part of AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team based in Washington, D.C. where he helps to direct the organization’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Palmer and his team ensure that AMAC Action has a consistent ground presence on Capitol Hill. Palmer also serves as Chairman of the Family Business Coalition, a group of 150 small business associations promoting tax and regulatory policies that help family- owned businesses succeed into the next generation of ownership.

Alex Ayers Vice President, Public Policy Schoening Strategies

Alex Ayers serves with Palmer Schoening on AMAC Action’s Washington D.C. team where he helps to build AMAC’s presence and influence on Capitol Hill. Alex is an expert at drafting legislation and on the legislative process. Alex has published papers and studies in various policy areas including taxes, energy, agriculture, and economics and has testified on tax policy.

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2021 LEGISLATIVE PRIORITIES 1. Election Reform – Work with ALEC – American Legislative Exchange Council and identify other groups, like True the Vote, to coordinate efforts and mobilize AMAC Action advocates to lobby state legislators in target states to reform their election procedures. 2. Social Security a. Social Security Guarantee (SSG) – Initiate bipartisan congressional introduction and passage of the key elements of the SSG to prevent insolvency. b. Senior Citizens Tax Elimination Act - Eliminate the income tax on Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits. 3. Protect the First Amendment Right of Free Speech - Repeal Section 230 legal immunity protection in the federal Communications Act for “Big Tech” to eliminate censorship of conservative voices on social media. 4. Health care a. Get Congress to enact a tax deduction for physicians (and other health care professionals including dentists, optometrists, chiropractors, and podiatrists) who treat Medicaid eligible individuals in their clinics or offices, first enlisting the lead associations of each practitioner group. b. Block congressional efforts to pass Medicare for All, the federal option, and any other legislation that expands Obamacare. c. Ensure that veterans are afforded full access to treatment through either the VA or medical facilities of their choice through vouchers. d. Repeal the outpatient prescription drug and hospital supply anti-kickback safe harbor statute. 5. National Debt Reduction – Work with American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC), the Balance Budget Amendment group, Convention of States, Americans For Tax Reform and other allied groups towards the convening by the states of a Constitutional Convention that includes the content of Bill of Financial Responsibilities. 6. Oppose federal tax increases and excessive job killing regulations because of the adverse impact on jobs and prices, thereby penalizing seniors on fixed incomes; and injuring small business opportunity and growth. RECAP OF 2020 CONGRESSIONAL ACTIVITY The Covid-19 pandemic and ensuing precautions drove down the number of in-person advocate meetings and attendance at grassroots events, but AMAC Action was able to utilize virtual technology to continue to lobby Congress and connect AMAC members with their federal representatives. Members of AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team met with 93 Congressional offices (in-person or virtually) in 2020. These meetings involved seeking co-sponsors for H.R. 856 – providing a tax deduction for physician free treatment of the poor, procuring support for AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee and discussions to reform health care and strengthen Medicare. The meetings also involved follow-up from activity generated by AMAC Action’s Regional Representatives, Delegates, and Chapter Leaders.

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In addition to the individual Congressional meetings, AMAC Action met with members of the following committees: House Ways and Means Committee and its Social Security Subcommittee, the Senate Finance Committee and its Social Security Subcommittee, the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus, the Republican Study Committee, and the Senate Homeland Security and Governmental Affairs Committee. The AMAC Government Relations Team had health care policy meetings individually and with other conservative stakeholders with the Director of Domestic Policy for the Trump White House. AMAC is actively involved with key health care coalitions. AMAC belongs to the Free2Care coalition, a partnership of physician and patient advocates working together to create a package of reforms that empowers both physicians and patients. AMAC Action also attended the annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC) and is a regular participant in forums with Washington, D.C.-based conservative movement organizations, including the American Tax Reform’s Center Right Coalition, the Weyrich Lunch, the Conservative Action Project, the American Conservative Union, the National Tax Limitation Committee, and the Heritage Foundation. KEY LEGISLATIVE VICTORIES Despite the restrictions placed upon advocacy efforts by the coronavirus, AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team secured key legislative victories throughout 2020. The following AMAC Action recommendations were included in the Phase 3 Covid relief stimulus package known as the CARES Act: To repeal or defer IRA Required Minimum Distributions Required Minimum Distributions (RMD) limit the ability of seniors to make wise investment decisions based on market actions. AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team told Congress that government regulation should not force anyone, especially seniors, to liquidate savings in a “personal” account. In line with AMAC Action’s recommendation, a temporary waiver was put in place on Required Minimum Distribution (RMD) rules for IRA’s in the calendar year 2020. AMAC members participated in this process by sending over 7,400 emails to Members of Congress supporting our recommendations and played a key role in communicating this message. To suspend the penalties for early withdrawals from retirement accounts during 2020 AMAC Action urged Congress to renew Section 202 of the Taxpayer Certainty and Disaster Tax Relief Act of 2019 to help those individuals and families facing increased economic hardship as a result of the pandemic. The CARES Act removes the 10 percent penalty for early withdrawal for distributions up to $100,000 for retirement savers who need liquidity. To protect Social Security benefits from federal governmental garnishment Social Security benefits are off limits to nearly all creditors, but not the federal government. Uncle Sam can garnish Social Security benefits for certain debts, including federal student loan debt co-signed by retirees. Our legislative team has consistently recommended permanently fixing this issue to protect all Americans’ Social Security outside of their financial circumstances. We were pleased to see Department of Education Secretary Betsy DeVos announce that the department stopped garnishing Social Security benefits to pay for student loans in default.

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Preventing price fixing and keeping patients’ options open The AMAC Action team worked to ensure that harmful language that would price-fix fees for direct primary care physicians, limit how funds in health savings accounts (HSA) could be used, and restrict patient options was removed from the CARES Act. We also worked to protect patients by having language that would have established federal benchmarking for surprise medical billing arbitration stricken from the bill. Prescription Drug Middlemen Rebate Rule One of AMAC Action’s signature issues focuses on the “pay to play” relationships pharmacy benefit managers (PBM) have with drug manufacturers and we have been working to remove the middleman money from the outpatient prescription drug supply chain for over two years. AMAC Action has lobbied Members of Congress and the Trump Administration on our own and in alliance with a coalition of physician and patient advocates to detail how these relationships negatively impact the list cost of prescription drugs. In July 2020, President Trump signed an Executive Order that directs PBMs to share the rebates they receive from drug companies at the point of purchase with Medicare beneficiaries. This action is estimated to save Medicare beneficiaries 30 percent on their out-of-pocket expenses for prescription drugs. It is worth noting that AMAC is the only national member benefits organization representing millions of seniors whose advocacy affiliate has been steadily highlighting the negative influence of middleman money in the outpatient prescription drug supply chain. AMAC Action continues to lobby Congress on a similar relationship group purchasing organizations have with manufacturers and suppliers that drives up costs in the hospital supply chain. Hospital Price Transparency In response to the Trump Administration’s executive order to improve price and quality transparency in health care, the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) issued a final rule requiring hospitals to publish their prices, both discounted cash prices and secret negotiated rates. The American Hospital Association (AHA) and other hospital groups immediately sued HHS to stop the rules from taking effect, alleging the requirements were unconstitutional and burdensome. Along with and other advocacy groups, AMAC filed an amicus brief in support of health care price transparency and a functional, competitive market in health care. In June of 2020, the D.C. Federal District Court upheld the rule, and the hospital groups immediately appealed. AMAC and the advocacy groups filed a second amicus brief in the Appeals Court. Finally, within days of the rule taking effect, on December 29, 2020, the U.S. Court of Appeals for the D.C. Circuit upheld the hospital rule, negating the hospitals’ lawsuit and paving the way for patients to see real prices starting January 1, 2021. This victory for American health care consumers, which was assisted by thousands of recommendations made by AMAC members directly to HHS to craft the final rule (see: Grassroots Advocacy; Calls-to-Action), recognizes that price transparency will empower patients to make informed decisions, put downward pressure on prices, and greatly reduce the burden of health care to our citizens, businesses, and economy.

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Starting January 1, 2021, each hospital operating in the United States will be required to provide clear, accessible pricing information online about items and services they provide in two ways: 1. As a comprehensive machine-readable file with all items and services. 2. In a display of shoppable services in a consumer-friendly format. This information will make it easier for consumers to shop and compare prices across all hospitals and estimate the cost of care before going to the hospital. AMAC-SUPPORTED BILLS SIGNED INTO LAW President Trump signed three AMAC-supported bills into law. In June, he signed the Major Medical and Facility Authorization Act of 2020 which authorizes funding for the construction of medical facilities, including spinal cord and critical care centers, to better serve our veterans. AMAC also supported the Paycheck Protection Program Flexibility Act of 2020 which provides much needed flexibility to assist businesses in recovering from the economic hardships caused by the coronavirus pandemic. President Trump also signed this bill into law in June. In late December 2020, President Trump signed the Promoting Alzheimer’s Awareness to Prevent Elder Abuse Act . This law instructs the Department of Justice to consult with relevant stakeholders to ensure that effective training materials are developed for anyone who responds to, investigates, or prosecutes cases of elder abuse involving seniors who are afflicted with dementias. This will ensure that caregivers, health providers, law enforcement, and others can be fully aware of the cognitive, physical, and emotional symptoms people suffering with Alzheimer’s and other dementias experience. Surprise Medical Billing AMAC Action worked with a coalition of physician and patient advocates to end surprise medical billing and previously supported legislative proposals to address this issue. Surprise medical billing occurs when American patients receive care from providers, typically in the emergency room, for services in which they generally had no choice in receiving. In December 2020, Congress inserted surprise medical billing language in a spending package that was signed into law by President Trump that contained much of what AMAC Action had recommended to address this issue, including: • Protects patients from surprise medical bills - under this agreement, they don’t have to pay any more than their in-network cost sharing • Does not increase premiums for patients • Empowers consumers by providing a true and honest cost estimate that describes which providers will deliver their treatment, the personalized cost of services, and provider network status • Protects all stakeholders, most importantly patients, while also ensuring a pathway for resolution of payment disputes for health care services that are consistent with private market practices • If a health care provider is not satisfied with the payment they receive, they can initiate an open negotiation period and, if no resolution is reached, can pursue a dispute resolution process where an independent arbitrator considers relevant factors and determines a fair payment • This independent dispute resolution process fairly decides an appropriate payment for services based on the facts and relevant data of each case. This results in savings by stopping bad actors from driving up costs across the health care system, and those savings will be reinvested in important priorities like community health centers

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AMAC Action will continue to monitor this new process to determine how well its application works in practice and will engage in making improvements through rule making, if necessary. LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT, RECOMMENDATIONS, AND COALITION LETTERS AMAC Action initiated, or was requested to provide, 78 letters of support to Members of Congress and the Administration for legislation and other actions concerning (partial list): • Elder abuse, • Reducing our dependence on China for pharmaceuticals and medical supplies, • Free speech, • Veteran’s issues including health, prosperity, and safety,

• Security and safety at America’s southern border, • Breakthrough therapy for Medicare beneficiaries, • Small business, • Deficit reduction, • Reducing the cost of prescription drugs, • Surprise medical billing, • Expansion and promotion of telehealth, • Health care price transparency and other health care issues, • Expansion of health savings accounts, • Protecting retirement income from inflation, • Election fraud protection, • Fighting censorship of conservative voices on Big Technology platforms, and • Protecting babies who survive abortions.

AMAC Action also sent 37 statement and recommendation letters to Congress and the Administration detailing our solutions for surprise medical billing, support for spending restraints, recommendations to protect small businesses, improve the health of seniors, and promote the Association’s Social Security Guarantee. In addition, AMAC Action sent 4 letters opposing legislation that included excessive spending in a Covid-19 relief bill and radical immigration policies. GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY A key benefit of membership in AMAC is the opportunity to participate in AMAC Action’s grassroots advocacy programs. AMAC Action offers two options for members to volunteer to become engaged in local advocacy— membership and leadership in AMAC Action Chapters and the Delegate Program. AMAC Action Chapters Chapters provide a forum for fellowship and education for the local AMAC membership at-large. Each Chapter has a volunteer Leader, and some have volunteer Co-Leaders. Chapter Leader(s) schedule, plan and preside over monthly or bi-monthly meetings. AMAC Chapters focus on topics and legislation supported by the membership and advocated for by AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team in Washington, D.C. Chapters meet to, among other things, educate AMAC members on significant issues to amplify the narrative in their local communities regarding the

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Association’s mission and relate matters of importance to friends and neighbors. Chapter members are also encouraged to attend local Congressional events and meetings as scheduled by their Delegate(s). There are 53 AMAC Action Chapters throughout the United States and a total of 66 Chapter meetings were held with a reported attendance by over 1380 AMAC members and friends in 2020. AMAC members and friends heard elected officials and candidates speak, learned about relevant issues, and participated in discussions regarding the Second Amendment, health care policy, and election integrity among other topics. AMAC Action Delegate Program Delegates are members of AMAC Action Chapters and are volunteer liaisons for AMAC Action to their local Congressional office. They are the lead contact for all Congressional communication within the local District and are trained to articulate AMAC’s mission and stance on key issues. Each Delegate is associated with the Congressional office in the District where they live and vote, and coordinate all local Congressional activity in their District. This includes scheduling meetings with Representatives and candidates, organizing Meet & Greet events, and other similar events. There are nearly 300 AMAC Action Delegates in Congressional Districts throughout the country. In 2020, approximately 27 meetings with local Congressional offices from Alaska to Florida were led by AMAC Action Delegates and attended by AMAC members and friends. These meetings connect the AMAC membership with their local Member of Congress and give them an opportunity to let their voice be heard on issues that are important to them. These meetings also complement the work of the Government Relations Team in Washington, D.C. while further building Congressional relationships while raising AMAC’s profile. The AMAC Action team has challenged itself to continuously expand this program until all 435 Congressional Districts are represented by motivated, engaged Delegates. AMAC Action Regional Representatives AMAC Action retains a team of Regional Representatives who visit Congressional offices in multi-state regions. Regional Representatives act on behalf of AMAC’s legislative mission while working closely with local members to schedule Congressional events. AMAC Action currently has Regional Representative coverage in Florida, Alabama, Georgia, Kentucky, Ohio, Indiana, Wisconsin, Iowa, Minnesota, Nebraska, Texas, Oklahoma, and Illinois. In 2020, AMAC Action Regional Representatives met with approximately 20 Congressional offices in their regions. Virtual Events Responding to guidelines set forth restricting in-person meetings and aided by the strong work of AMAC Action Delegates and Chapter Leaders, 55 virtual Meet & Greet events were held with Congressional incumbents and candidates across the country in 2020. For incumbents, these events consisted of updates around their District and in Washington, D.C., while candidates used these occasions to introduce themselves and articulate their positions on policies important to AMAC members. Each event also included question and answer sessions to give AMAC members the opportunity to interact with their representative or candidate. These events proved to be very popular with AMAC members and AMAC Action is planning to expand them in future election cycles.

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Calls-to-Action AMAC Action activated the membership at-large to contact federal and state representatives in Call-to- Action campaigns designed to complement lobbying efforts on key issues in 2020: • In January, AMAC members comprised nearly 80% of all comments left on the HHS website in response to their request for opinions regarding the rule they were crafting for health care price transparency. This overwhelming response led to a CMS rule that included verbiage favorable to AMAC’s support of instructing hospitals to disclose the prices they charge for items and services. • The previously mentioned required minimum distribution recommendation was supported by a Call-to-Action in March 2020 where AMAC members sent over 7,400 emails to Members of Congress asking them to suspend this distribution. This activity contributed to securing the temporary waiver. • In June through July, AMAC members sent over 35,000 emails to Members of Congress urging them to codify the aforementioned price transparency Executive Order in any Covid-19 Phase 4 stimulus relief package. • In July, AMAC members sent over 4,500 emails to the Governors of New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Michigan, and California to hold them accountable regarding their decision to discharge Covid-19 contagious patients from hospitals to nursing homes, causing a disproportionate spike in elderly nursing home deaths in those states. AMAC Action worked directly with the minority members of the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus Crisis to coordinate this activity. • AMAC members sent nearly 4,400 emails in September to Senators Kaine, Tillis, Jones, Romney, Manchin, Murkowski, and Collins urging them to confirm Judge Amy Coney Barrett to the Supreme Court. This campaign was a success as every Republican, with the exception of Senator Collins, voted to confirm Justice Coney Barrett, including Senator Murkowski who had considered voting not to confirm. • Over 186,000 AMAC members and friends signed a petition in November and December to express their concern over election fraud in the 2020 general election. The petition was shared with Governors, state Attorneys General, Secretaries of State, state Election Directors, and Legislative leaders in the battleground states of Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin. It was also sent to the Republican Governors Association, Republican Attorneys General Association, and the National Attorneys General Association. AMAC Action shared this petition with the United States Attorney General and staff, Senator Mitch McConnel and staff, Senator Chuck Grassley and staff, Congressman Kevin McCarthy and staff, Congressman Steve Scalise and staff, and the United States Department of Justice. Copies of the petition were also sent to the Trump White House. • Nearly 5,000 contacts were made by AMAC members in November and December to key members of the House and Senate urging them to support President Trump’s efforts to fight for election integrity. • Taking the battle for election integrity to the state level, over 20,300 AMAC members in Georgia, Arizona, Michigan, Nevada, Pennsylvania, and Wisconsin sent over 43,000 emails to approximately 920 state legislators demanding that they take action to preserve election integrity in two separate campaigns spanning from December 2020 through early January 2021. These campaigns, combined with other outside efforts, helped to persuade legislators from Georgia, Michigan, Pennsylvania, Wisconsin, and Arizona to send a letter to Vice President Mike Pence asking for a delay in the opening and counting of Electoral College votes until these legislatures had more time to meet, investigate, and vote on certifying or decertifying the election in their respective states. • In advance of the January 5, 2021 US Senate runoff election in Georgia, AMAC Action sent approximately 80,000 post cards to AMAC members in Georgia, urging them to vote in that special election. • In addition to the postcard mailing for the US Senate runoff election in Georgia, AMAC Action partnered with the Faith & Freedom Coalition to procure AMAC members to volunteer to distribute voter guides and make telephone calls to get-out-the-vote. AMAC Action utilized specialized advocacy software to execute these campaigns and through January 2021, over 223,800 AMAC members and friends made over 159,200 connections with their federal and state representatives and participated in petition initiatives.

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RELATIONSHIP WITH THE TRUMP ADMINISTRATION AMAC Action established a strong relationship with the Trump White House to the extent where we were consistently called upon to offer our recommendations on policy issues sensitive to Americans who are age 50 plus. These issues include health care, drug pricing and law enforcement. Additionally, the Trump White House specifically sought AMAC members to personally attend and offer testimonials for Presidential press conferences, Executive Order announcements and roundtable discussions. AMAC’S 2020 PROACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY POLICY ANALYSES, MEDIA INTERVIEWS, SOCIAL MEDIA, AND PRESS RELEASES AMAC’s national spokesperson Robert B. Charles conducted 228 broadcast interviews (radio, television, podcast), including cable television and syndicated radio. He generated 225 analytical articles advancing AMAC objectives, perspectives, and member aims. Additionally, between June and December 2020, the communications team generated 2,146 original AMAC tweets, 1.55 million tweet impressions (individuals who looked at AMAC tweets), roughly 8,400 per day. In the same period, AMAC’s twitter account saw 37,345 profile visits, acquired 500 new followers, generated 13,200 likes, 7,166 retweets. AMAC’s social media presence continues to expand. During 2020, Mr. Charles appeared regularly on Fox & Friends, Fox News, Fox Business, Fox Radio, One America, America’s Voice, Frank Gaffney’s Secure Freedom Radio and Television, Newsmax, the Alan Nathan Show, Lars Larson, Jimmy Lakey, Mark Hahn, Bobby Gunther Walsh, Steve Gruber, Conservative Commandos, Breitbart, Phil Cowan, Kim Wade, Zeb Bell, Ben Ferguson, Eddie Burke, Real Talk, KLFC, WMAL, WBAL, KLFC, WVHU, WKBR, WDEL, KTRH, WTKS, WERC, WILS, KURV, WKEI, WIOD, and the Reagan Foundation . In addition to Mr. Charles efforts, AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione, who also serves as a national spokesperson for AMAC, appeared on the Mike Gallagher Show on Wednesday mornings throughout 2020, a nationally syndicated Salem Radio Network talk show with 7 million weekly listeners according to Talkers magazine. In 2020, Mr. Mangione appeared on the Ben Ferguson Show, Alan Nathan Show, Steve Gruber Show, The Real Side, Conservative Commandos, Smart Girl Politics, America’s Voice, the Lake Effect with Jimmy Lakey, the Eddie Burke Show, Ringside Politics with Jeff Crouere, Drive Time with Mark Hahn, Charlie Butts American Family News, Good Morning Ozarks, and the Liberty Roundtable . Mr. Mangione’s columns were published in all AMAC media and some appeared on in 2020. Weekly News Releases AMAC creates and distributes a weekly news feature to some 7,000 print and broadcast news outlets across the country. Many of them have come to rely on these features as a means of attracting seniors in their markets, particularly conservative seniors seeking an alternative to AARP.

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Appendix A: AMAC Columns (All are authored by Robert B. Charles unless noted) January “Electoral College - New Thinking About Old Thinking”

“Everything Depends on Honor - Lest We Forget” “As Iran’s Threat Rises, Where are the Europeans?” “Iran’s History Justifies Trump’s Decision” (re Soleimani) “Impeachment Drama is Becoming a Bad B-Movie” “75th Anniversary of Henry’s Story - Love of America” “Trump’s Roaring Economy - Helping Old and Young, Men/Women, Majority/Minority”

“Watch Iran Closely - History Suggests Big Change is Coming” “Jimmy Connors, One Mother’s Love, and the American Spirit” “Happy 90th to a True American Hero (Buzz Aldrin, Apollo 11)” “Impeachment ‘Forever?’ No Abuse of Impeachment Forever” “Winds of Change Buffet Iran - Respect Grows for America” “Amen - Trump Reinforces Religious Freedom”

“Conscience Touched, Trump Addresses D.C. March for Life” “Impeachment Vote Coming - Ah, the Majesty of Democracy!” “New Democratic Goal - Preemptively De-Legitimize the 2020 Elections” “Liberating Auschwitz - 75 Years Later, What Does it Mean?” “West Virginia on the Right Track to Lower Drug Costs, but is it Enough?” (Mangione) February “Beware ‘Triple Witching Hour’” in American Politics” “Older Americans Becoming Powerful Electoral Force” “Ground Truth - Keeping China’s Coronavirus in Perspective” “Ten Lessons Learned …” “Remembering 1980s Miracle on Ice (40th Anniversary) - Never Count America Out” “Essential Reading - Evolving Perspective on China’s Coronavirus” “Remembering Ronald Reagan on his Birthday” “Democratic Politics 2020 - Strangely like 1972” “Electoral Math - Democrats Painting Themselves into a Corner” “Dancing in the Rain - Age Discrimination Data and Hope” “Justice Sotomayor Political Bias Argument - Reveals Her Bias” “President Trump is Right - Time to Push Peace in Afghanistan” “Presidential Politics 2020 - Democrats Face Big Dilemma” “Begin the Health Care Reform Discussion with H.R. 856” (Mangione) “Fighting for Transparency in Health Care” (Mangione) “State of American Health Care” (Schoening) March “Democratic Party is Lost, Out of Sync with America” “AMAC at CPAC - Much Accomplished, Much to Do” “Good News - FBI Data Shows Trump Economy Boosting Public Safety”

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“Good Judgement - A Vietnam Veteran Named Bill” “Trump’s Reaction to Coronavirus is Spot On - Critics are Wrong” “Mocking the First Lady - Media Dishonor History” “Deep Breath - History Suggests Market Drop Will Pass” “Managing Fear in Age of Coronavirus” “Message to Bernie - Coronavirus is not WWII” “China Blames America for Coronavirus - Teaches About Communism” “Trump stops foreclosures, restarts cash flow - reassures America” “Everyone is a Critic - Starting with Rahm Emanuel” “Optimism in the Age of Coronavirus” “Put Fear Away, Recall History, Make this America’s ‘Finest Hour’”

“Speaker Pelosi – Table Socialism, Do Your Job” “America’s Finest Moment, Let Us Make It So” “Straddling Fear and Boredom, Seize the Moment” “Good News, Honest Expectations, Courage in Crisis” “To Pull Us Together, Not Apart” “…Weathering the Crisis” “Four History Lessons: To Pull Us Together, Not Apart”

“Rescue Bill - What Matters, Where Rubber Meets the Road” “Danger to US Posed by China and Dan Weber’s Foresight” “Class Warfare, Taxing Billionaires, and Other Bad Ideas” “Media Handling of Covid-19” “Georgia Shines a Bright Light on Pharmacy Benefit Managers” (Mangione) “New Data Systems to “Supercharge” Patient Power” (Mangione) “Pelosi’s Blind Power Grab” (Mangione) “The Private Sector Answers the Call to Combat Covid-19” (Mangione) April “Faith During Crisis - An American Strength” “Speaker Pelosi’s Damaged Rudder” “Acute Nursing Shortage - Finding Solutions” “Rediscovering the Smile” “Profound Error - By Congressional Democrats” “America’s Relationship with Communist China Must Change” “Scammers are Out - Raise Your Guard” (two added articles) “Lessons from Clara Barton - Angel of the Battlefield” “Congressional Democrats Playing with Fire - Imperiling America’s Small Businesses” “Congress Halts Aid to Small Businesses - Stays at Home, Paid” “She is a 22-year-old Nurse - She is America, God Bless Her” “President Trump’s Threat to Defund WHO is Right” “Climbing off the Tiger - Trump is Right to Push Economic Reopening” “Is Trump or the Liberal Media Nuts - what do you think?” “What Oil Prices are doing - What Does it Mean?” “Good Things May Result from This Crisis” “Socialism is Freedom’s Enemy - Outlawing Billionaires is Not the Answer” (magazine) “Trump is Right to Demand Accountability of WHO - It Works” (magazine)

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“Media Reporting on Covid-19” (magazine) “Updated Warning on Scams - Keeping Guard Up” “Liberals Trying to Censor Coronavirus Data Flow Do So At their Own Risk” (Mangione) “Jobs! Jobs! Jobs!: The Turnaround No One Expected” (Ayers) “Impeachment Backfired on Democrats as President Trump Rises to New Popularity” (Ayers) May “Tough Questions for Joe Biden” “Do Not Take Eyes Off Iran” “As Virus Retreats - Hit Critics with Hard Facts” “A Word on Hope”

“China Fleeces the Poor, Time for an Accounting” “Coronavirus Testing - Truth No One will Tell You” “During Coronavirus, Remember America’s Veterans” “Pelosi’s Bill - Socialist Manifesto, Modern Spending Madness” “Fire Builds Under Obama, Leads to Hard Questions” “Facts Suggest Time to Reopen Economy”

“Freedom Dies in Hong Kong - Hold China Accountable” “Trump is Protecting our Religious Freedom - and it Matters” “Disrespecting Black Voters, Biden Disrespects all Americans” “New Low - Congressional Beach Bums Caucus” (proxy voting) “Violence Roils America - We Must Remember Who We Are” “Trump Hits Communist China - Shocking US Media” “American Astronauts on an American Rocket - Back in the Game!” “AMAC at the White House as President Trump Announces New Plan to Lower Insulin Costs” (Mangione) June “Stop and Remember - June 6, 1944 - It is Important, No Kidding” “Democrats Propose Punishing Police Cuts - Get a Grip” “Peaceful Protests - versus Riots - History Teaches that Dangers Lurk” “Finally, Good Economic News” “Hillary Clinton’s Interview - and Socialist, Sarcastic, Strikingly Unaware” “Sending Up a Flare on National Debt” “What do Polls Tell Us - Something Unexpected”

“Political Alert - Do Not Be Afraid to Think for Yourself” “Three Big Questions - About Riots and Police Defunding” “Roberts’ Decision - Punts DACA to November 2020” “Bitter Fruit – Book by John Bolton” “Destroying Columbus Statues - Is No Way Forward” “Removing Theodore Roosevelt Statue - Wrongheaded” “Without Law Enforcement, Crime and Anarchy Win” “Misleading Headlines - as Trump Changes Federal Judiciary” “We Now Know -Trump’s Leadership Saved Lives” “Life, Liberty and Happiness Depend on Law, Order and History” “AMAC Interview 2020 – Buzz Aldrin” (magazine) “Federal Debt is a Threat We Must Address”

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“Working Through the Covid-19 Crisis with AMAC” (Schoening) “Covid-19 Spending: Where Has the Money Gone So Far?” (Schoening) July

“Love of Freedom - Trump Critics Need to Learn American History” “Trump Understands America - Balancing Reopening with Covid-19” “Socialism - After Statue Topplings - Comes Book Burning” (reference Fahrenheit 451) “Beset by Storms, Americans Prevail - We Will Now” “Senate Democrats Dis Supreme Court - to Take Trump Down” “With Crime Exploding, Democrats Become Anti-Police”

“Defending Independent Thought - Essential” “Hard Look at Political Polls - What they Miss” “Trump Turns Up Heat on Communist China”

“On Census, Trump Protects Citizens” “America’s Silent, Rearming Majority” “Surreal Presidential Election” “AMAC Members Invited to the White House Police Protection Roundtable Hosted by President Trump, VP Pence, AG Barr” (Mangione) “AMAC Scores a Major Victory for Seniors! President Trump’s Rebate Rule Will Significantly Lower Drug Costs for Medicare Beneficiaries” (Mangione) “The Unseen Victim of Coronavirus: The American Farmer” (Ayers) August “Liberals Feel Sting of ‘Cancel Culture’” “Trump Wins Border Wall Victory at Supreme Court - Narrowly”

“The 2020 Battle for America’s Suburbs” “Trump ends impasse - full speed ahead!” “Democrats Push to Dissolve NRA - Ten Implications” “Trump is Right to Reopen American Schools” “Trump’s Arab-Israeli Deal is Big - Biden is Shameless” “Democrats Hear Footsteps - Trump is Gaining” “Communist China’s Ambitions Start with Biden-Harris” “The Sky is Falling! Trump Hates the Post Office!” “Trump’s Faith in America is Lifting US Economy” “Simple Things Matter - Like Giving Time” “Creating Anti-Trump News From Nothing” “Leftists and Courts - Why Trump Must Win” “Socialism’s Fire Arc Must be Stopped - Trump Sees It” “Stop Admiring the Problem - Think Solutions”

“Universal Mail-in Voting Invites Mass Election Fraud” “Kamila Harris – Strike two for Democrats” (magazine) “Socialism - After Statue Toppling, Comes Book Burning” (magazine) “Election 2020 - Battle of Big Ideas” (magazine) “Justice Department to Review Covid-19 Nursing Home Deaths in New York, New Jersey, Pennsylvania, and Michigan” (Mangione) “Calling Out the Democrats’ Reaction to Trump Payroll Tax Deferral” (Mangione)

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“How Would Kamala Harris Govern as President?” (Schoening) September

“Is Kamala Harris Backfiring?” “Mental Slips - Is Biden Fit?”

“Rethinking Abortion - The Unheard Cry” “Incredibly, Trump Delivers Mideast Peace” “Trump is Right, Woodward is Wrong - Panic is the Enemy” “Lessons of History and Freedom for Today” “AOC and Democrats Off the Rails” “Senate’s Supreme Dilemma - When to Vote” “Proof of Anti-Trump Bias - Covid Dumped for Supreme Court Fight”

“Democrats Attacking Nominee’s Faith - Big Error” “Law and Order - Trump’s Leadership Needed” “Could Republicans Retake the House - Long Shot, But …” “Why Mothers Support Trump” (AMAC, Townhall) “Nancy Pelosi Personifies Democrat Hypocrisy” (Mangione) “President Trump’s Operation LeGend a Stark Contrast to Democrat Anti-Police Rhetoric” (Mangione) “President Trump’s Impact on Life, Mideast Peace, and the American Judiciary” (Mangione) “Health Care Price Transparency Can Hep Seniors and Stimulate the Economy” (Mangione) “Senator Cory Gardner Addresses AMAC Members at Virtual Meet & Greet Event” (Mangione) “Extremely Low Expectations for Joe Biden as Debate Approaches” (Mangione) “President Trump Plays Offense in First Presidential Debate” (Mangione) “AMAC Members and New York Times Best-Selling Author Ken Timmerman’s New Book – “The Election Heist” (book review) (Carlstrom) “The Unholy Trinity – Leftist Money, Media, and Political Leaders” (Carlstrom) October “President’s Covid Diagnosis - Disguised Blessing?” “Who is Pelosi Kidding?”

“Arizona’s Senate Race Tightens - National Turn?” “Greatness in Journalism - the Standard Exists” “Presidential Debates Losing their Shine” “The Harris Presidency” “Biden’s Court Packing - Anti-Constitutional, Anti-American” “Important to Vote - Story to Inspire” “Unreported - Violence Continues Across America” “Big Mistake - Social Media Blocking Biden Emails” “Ronald Reagan Warned - Freedom Undefended Perishes” “Trump is Smart Like a Fox” “Biden Wrong on Covid - Trump Respects Constitution” “Trump Won Debate, Biden Lost - Three Adages” “Defund Walter Reed? Are Liberals Nuts?” “Trump Cares for Military and Veterans…” “Spirit of the American Election,” (magazine) “Incredibly, Trump Delivers Middle East Peace” (magazine)

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“Spirit of an Election” (magazine) “The Vice-Presidential Debate” (Mangione) “Defending the Police” (Mangione) “Your Voice Was Heard: AMAC Members Tell Key Senators to Confirm Justice Barrett” (Mangione) “AMAC Members Attain Major Victory for Health Care Price Transparency” (Mangione) “What’s at Stake with the 2020 Election?” (Ayers) “Another Polling Miss: How Pollsters Got it Wrong in 2016 and 2020” (Schoening) “President Trump’s 4 Years of Winning: A Look at the Trump Administration’s Main Accomplishments” (Carlstrom) “A Look at the Unlikely Friendship of Justices Antonin Scalia and Ruth Bader Ginsburg” (Schoening) “How Do Americans Feel About Packing the Supreme Court?” (Schoening) “Joe Biden’s Plan for Small Business” (Schoening) “The So-Called “Lincoln Project” – Another Trump Derangement Group of Swamp Republicans” (Carlstrom) November

“Forget Polls - Election is Everything” “In an Epic Election - Do All You Can” “Twitter Knows - Biden is Corrupt” “Thanking America’s Veterans” “Election - Not Over Yet” “Fresh Allegations of Voter Fraud”

“Biden and Harris - Remember Yogi Berra” “Elections, Communism, and Venona Project “Best Outcome - Toss Suspect Ballots” “America - Caught in Irons” “Defending Faith - ‘Jesus Loves Me’ Mask” “Trump Suits are Real - Promoting Ignorance Dangerous” “Snapshot of Election Lawsuits - Options Narrow” “Beware Concentrated Power - Then and Now” “Second Amendment - Endangered by Biden Team” “Happy Thanksgiving - A Reflection” “Big Decision - For Religious Liberty” (SCOTUS) “Social Media is Big Brother”

“America Must Hold China Accountable” “Election Integrity Matters” (magazine) “Christmas poem” (magazine) “Be of Good Cheer – This is NOT Over” (Mangione) “What Will the Future of Health Care Look Like Under President Joe Biden?” (Ayers) “Small Business Will Rebuild the Economy” (Schoening) “How AMAC Action is Demanding Election Accountability” (Schoening) “What if Democrats Win the Senate? A look at implications of losing in Georgia” (Schoening) “Will Americans Know the Results on Election Day? A Look at State Ballot Deadlines and Readiness for November 3rd” (Schoening) “Who is Winning the Election? What Early Voting in Key States Tells Us So Far” (Schoening)

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December “Republican Women - Rising” “Covid Relief Bill - Supreme Irony” “In Georgia - Conservatives Must Vote” “Trump’s Hope – Supreme Court Above Politics” “Miracles, Apollo 8, and Christmas” “American Education is in Trouble” “Battle of the Bulge - Lessons in Freedom” “Mass Mail-in Ballots - Never Again” “Massive Hack - When Will We Learn?” “Danger Ahead - End of Federalism?” “China Will Test Biden - Unless He Tests First” “Christmas - Gift of Hope”

“Outrageous Media Hypocrisy” “Mr. Biden, Are You Serious?” “Looking Forward to 2021” “The First Amendment Is Under Siege – and Most Americans Know It” “Trump’s Accomplishments - Historic” (magazine) “Free Societies - Do Not Tolerate Censorship” (magazine)

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