AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 17, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2023

In this Issue: - Someone Stole Mom’s Vote! - The Most Inspiring Examples of Christian Virtue From 2022 - You Are Not Alone—One Doctor’s Saga - AMAC’s Fight to Ensure the Future of Social Security - The Biggest Political Stories to Watch in 2023Teachers’ Union’s Grip on Education



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Dear AMAC Member, If you are anything like me, you understand when I say watching the 2023 ball drop in New York City on the small screen felt strangely different from what I remember as a young girl. Amid the glitter and glam, with most channels celebrating the new age sexual revolution, the television screen cast another reminder of how much has changed over the last 30 years and how much work we have ahead of us. Wokeism has metastasized at an alarming rate. What was once revered as morally correct is now used to slander those who believe in things like a woman’s right to privacy in the bathroom and the undeniable truth that life in the womb has intrinsic value. But then I was reminded of the small miracles, the good doers, the relentless work carried out by ordinary people across the globe, those who remain connected to reality and understand that virtue matters. Some of the most inspiring examples of Christian virtue from 2022 can be found on page 8, a wonderful reminder of hope and a brighter future! In 2023, AMAC’s advocacy arm, AMAC Action, will be supremely focused on working with Congress to move forward AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee (SSG) (see page 22). It was my honor to represent AMAC members in a Special Senate Committee on Aging hearing, where I shared how AMAC’s SSG will strengthen the program and avoid any decrease in benefits without raising taxes (see page 46). In 2023 and beyond, AMAC remains steadfast in our commitment to helping implement policies that lower the cost of your prescription drugs, and we will not cease in our fight to promote election integrity nationally and throughout the states. While 2023 brings us a divided Congress, we do not lose hope. The good work produced by thousands of AMAC members has made a tremendous impact, and we are only growing stronger.


Chief Executive Officer, Association of Mature American Citizens



Publisher AMAC, Inc.

Managing Editor Pamela Smith Creative Director Emily Z.

Editor in Chief Rebecca Weber Associate Editor Alexa Astuto

Centerfold Artist Paul Partlow

Senior Contributing Writers

Alex Ayers Bob Carlstrom Robert B. Charles Stephen Fauer, CFA

Gerry Hafer Andrew Mangione Palmer Schoening D.J. Wilson

Advertising Representative Gia Ricottone

Look for AMAC Newsline to help keep you informed about some of the major stories to watch for in 2023 (see page 36 and scan the QR code to download the AMAC News App ).

Contact AMAC 888-262-2006 |

PLEASE NOTE: This issue of the AMAC Magazine went to print on January 10, 2023.

And don’t forget to visit our “Ask Rusty” column  or call our Social Security Advisory Team with any questions regarding your Social Security or your loved ones’ Social Security benefits  which is why I encourage you to check out page 25. It is my personal hope and prayer that you are anointed with good health, peace, and joy! God is in command and blesses those who seek Him! I hope you enjoy this issue of the AMAC Magazine . Cheers to an amazing 2023!

VOLUME 16 ISSUE 6 CORRIGENDUM Please note our added correction in Volume 16 Issue 6. Page 10 - As AMAC celebrates its 15 th year, we are humbled by the outpouring of kind words and testimonials from you, our members.

Rebecca Weber Chief Executive Officer & Editor in Chief


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the magazine of the association of mature american citizens


JAN/FEB 2023

VOL. 17 ISS. 1




26 CENTERFOLD biden’s energy policy puts POLITICS OVER COUNTRY


“Someone Stole Mom’s Vote!”



AMAC’s Fight to Ensure the Future of Social Security


Teachers Unions’ Grip on Education



Ask Rusty


The Biggest Political Stories to Watch in 2023


AMAC Benefit Highlight






AMAC Lifestyle

The Most Inspiring Examples of Christian Virtue From 2022 . . . 8


A Return to Yesteryear


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Just for Fun Solutions on page 16

You Are Not Alone — One Doctor’s Saga . . . 18


AMAC in Action


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THE MOST INSPIRING EXAMPLES OF FROM 2022 There was no shortage in 2022 of news headlines proclaiming the downfall of religion in the West and the erosion of Judeo-Christian teachings as the fundamental underpinnings of society. But while religiosity seems to be in an alarming state of decline indeed, the past year was not without some powerful examples of Christian virtue that are worth remembering as we plunge into 2023. Christian Virtue

diminish the value of one human life — the unborn — without diminishing the value of all human life. While the Supreme Court’s decision in Dobbs rested on a sound legal analysis of constitutional law, it nonetheless promoted the proliferation of bibli- cal wisdom by empowering states to legislate in accordance with a Christian reverence for the rights of the unborn.

fleeing their homes with only what they could carry, the Polish govern- ment did not even need to set up any refugee camps, so willing were the Poles to help their neighbors in need. One Ukrainian refugee remarked that “here in Poland, I really felt what fraternity is.” This spirit of generosity, particularly when there is no expectation of credit or repayment, reflects Christ’s commandment for his followers to live a life of service to others. Many Polish families who were already struggling to get by did not hesitate to open their homes to Ukrainians fleeing the war. In this same spirit, millions of others around the world have also donated or provided assis- tance to the Ukrainian people.


“We therefore hold that the Constitu- tion does not confer a right to abor- tion. Roe and Casey must be overruled, and the authority to regulate abortion must be returned to the people and their elected representatives.” With those words in the Dobbs v. Jackson Women’s Health Organiza- tion decision, the US Supreme Court delivered a victory to the pro-life community 50 years in the making. For decades, the flawed rulings of Roe v. Wade had denied unborn babies the same rights to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness guar- anteed to every other American. In January 2022, thousands of pro-life Americans marched and prayed for the restoration of just such funda- mental human rights to the unborn. President Ronald Reagan once wrote in Human Life Review that we cannot


The world saw shades of the evil predations of the Soviet Union once again in 2022 as Russia commenced its brutal invasion of Ukraine. But just as they did in the last century, freedom-loving peoples everywhere coalesced to help those in need. In neighboring Poland, ordinary people welcomed more than 1.5 million Ukrainian refugees with open arms. Despite the surge of people


The mounting wave of false accusa- tions and libels that hit former pres-

continued on page 10

08 • AMAC Magazine


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Let us not become weary in doing good, for at the proper time we will reap a harvest if we do not give up.

ident Donald Trump and his family was arguably unique and unprece- dented in modern history. The former president withstood the political attacks boldly, displaying courage, tact, and intrepidity. But that occur- rence is a reminder that fidelity to the most profound beliefs and convic- tions comes with a high price.

the idea of “Italy First.” “Our govern- ment makes choices, puts its face into it, and doesn’t get scared,” Meloni stated during a recent speech. Meloni has grounded this strong sense of responsibility in her deep Christian faith, proudly declaring her identity as a “mother, Italian, and Christian.” Unlike most Western leaders, who run from an association with religion, Meloni has promised to make religion and traditional family values the foundation of public policy once again. 2022 saw many moments when indi- viduals and whole populations strived to pursue Christian virtue — genuinely inspiring moments in a world that often seems dark and devoid of such glimmers of hope. By looking to such examples, Christians and non-Chris- tians alike can turn the calendar to 2023 with hope of a brighter future and a great restoration of faith and virtue, rather than the much-proph- esied decline that we hear about all too much today.

valiance and perseverance in their fight against tyranny. In Iran, protes- tors took to the streets for weeks to protest the death of a young woman at the hands of the Iranian morality police. Again, these protestors speak out against government tyranny at the risk of their own freedom and their very lives. Likewise, tireless Cuban freedom fighters have continued large-scale demonstrations against the regime in Havana. Thousands have been impris- oned and tortured, even as Western governments — chief among them the Biden administration — have ignored their plight. Although it is not always Christians leading these movements, the protes- tors nonetheless show Christlike virtue in their commitment to secur- ing basic human freedoms outlined in the Bible. Whether they know it or not, they have donned the Apostle Paul’s proverbial “belt of truth” and “breast- plate of righteousness” to combat the manifestations of evil on earth.


In China this year, thousands of ordi- nary people took to the streets to demand an end to COVID restrictions and justice for victims of draconian lockdown policies. Amid the Chinese Communist Party’s increasingly tyrannical actions, the Chinese people are defending their basic God-given rights and freedoms from govern- ment oppression. The internet age transformed these protests into a global phenomenon, showing the world that even in the age of tracking apps, ever-present surveillance cameras, and Orwel- lian government control of seem- ingly every aspect of society, people cannot be deprived of their desire to be free.


Ben Solis Ben Solis is the pen name of an international affairs journalist, historian, and researcher.

In September, Giorgia Meloni won the contest for prime minister in Italy, ushering in a new era for the Euro- pean country — a decidedly more conservative one centered around


In other authoritarian regimes, protestors have shown similar

10 • AMAC Magazine

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"Someone Stole Mom's Vote!"

S isters Rhonda and Mary hit the jackpot. They were blessed with an incredible mother who nurtured, loved, and protected them. So, when their mom fell victim to the cruel and unforgiving disease of dementia, they vowed that they would repay her with the same love and protection. As the disease progressed and their mom lost her ability to communicate and handle basic care, they reluc- tantly moved her into the memory care unit of a reputable residential care facility in Lubbock, Texas. Mary, the legal guardian, was sure that Mom was safe. When COVID hit and they were unable to visit her, they still checked on her regularly with facil- ity staff. However, as time went on and the nursing home became less responsive, they started to worry.

How would they know if someone was mistreating or neglecting her? What tools did they have to monitor the facility? Her care was expensive, but where was the accountability? In the fall of 2020, they looked for any way possible to keep an eye on the facility. After the November election, Mary used the Texas government website that allows voters to check their voting records. As guardian, she also checked her mom’s voting record, which tells if someone voted but not how they voted. “I felt like I had been punched in the gut!” Mary was shocked to see that her mom had “voted” in the Novem- ber 2020 election. As her guardian, Mary had not changed her mom’s voter registration when she moved her to a new county because, of course, nonverbal dementia patients

are unable to vote. She also knew that her mom was unable to fill out a request for a mail-in ballot and had no idea of the name of the current president. She immediately called her sister and said, “Someone stole Mom’s vote!” Rhonda had heard about the work of the American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) and the Protect Vulner- able Voters Project. ACRU educates the public about the risks to vulner- able voters and takes on residential facilities who fail to protect their votes. ACRU also educates state offi- cials and legislators about this abuse of vulnerable voters and encourages them to prioritize investigation and prosecution and change legislation where necessary.

14 • AMAC Magazine

Rhonda shared information about ACRU with Mary, indicating that their family was not alone. This problem is widespread across America. Cogni- tively impaired facility residents have their ballot choices sometimes made by staff, sometimes made under coer- cion, and often made without their knowledge. Other complaints indi- cate that activist groups across the country collect ballots from residen- tial facilities with the promise that the ballots will be delivered to election officials, but with no way to assure that they arrive without tampering… or arrive at all. Rhonda called ACRU, and within a matter of days, ACRU’s attorneys took sworn affidavits from the sisters and assisted them with filing a formal complaint with the Texas attorney

general’s office. The AG’s office put the nursing home under investigation, but difficulties remained because of COVID rules. Rhonda and Mary are just two of thousands of family members who are dealing with this most despicable form of voter fraud. The evidence of real and tangible voter fraud against vulnerable senior voters is growing. ACRU board members, former Attor- ney General Edwin Meese III and former Ohio Secretary of State Ken Blackwell, wrote an article address- ing the nationwide problem. They point out Wisconsin, where the state assembly appointed a special counsel to investigate voter fraud in nursing homes after a county sher- iff uncovered evidence of multiple voter fraud occurrences in a single



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Volume 17 Issue 1 • 15

nursing home. Later, Special Counsel Michael Gableman, a former Wiscon- sin Supreme Court justice, released a report indicating “rampant fraud and abuse occurred statewide” through- out Wisconsin’s nursing homes and residential care facilities. In 2020, a Texas social worker was indicted on 134 felony counts of voter fraud for registering mentally incapacitated citizens to vote with- out their consent. Then in 2022, an employee at the Father Murray Nursing Center in Macomb County, Michigan, was sentenced to jail for forging signatures on absentee ballot applications. This mounting evidence led AMAC to join forces with ACRU. Rebecca Weber, CEO of AMAC, declared, “It’s time to take measures to ensure not only the safety of seniors who reside in these facilities but to demand that their rights — including voting rights — are protected.” She continued by reminding us that America’s electoral process is still “under siege” as we

look ahead to the 2024 general elec- tion and that AMAC’s joint venture with ACRU comes at a time when the fate of our nation “remains in the balance of fair and honest elections in which votes of all eligible Americans are properly cast and counted.” Dr. Alveda King, the niece of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., participated in ACRU and AMAC’s media campaign to warn seniors about voter fraud, particularly in nursing homes and other senior citizen facilities. According to Dr. King, “[My uncle] fought to ensure that every single American had the right to vote freely [but] many of those voters are nursing home residents who are often targeted by those who would steal or suppress their votes.” AMAC and its affiliates AMAC Action and the AMAC Foundation remain committed to their work toward achieving strong election integrity legislation in all states. The ACRU’s Center for Vulnerable Voters provides a Senior Citizen Voter Bill of Rights that has been used by many facil-

ities across the country, and they provide a guide for all citizens who wish to protect the rights of vulnera- ble voters — a great resource you can view by scanning the QR code below! ACRU and AMAC encourage family members to take initiative like Rhonda and Mary. Guardians and seniors can utilize state websites (in some states) and the website of the Voter Reference Foundation to check voting records to detect fraud. If there is evidence of potential fraud, it can be reported via the Center for Vulnerable Voters website or by call- ing 888-820-VOTE.

Lori Roman President, American Constitutional Rights Union

PUZZLE SOLUTIONS puzzles on page 48

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You Are Not Alone One Doctor’s Saga AMAC’s national spokesman, Robert Charles, had the pleasure of speaking with a US Navy Reserve Medical Corps veteran, who would like to remain anonymous. This is his story.

“Y ou are not alone,” his brother assured him. He sure felt alone. Still, he took stock: this seasoned medical doctor, a veteran of the US Navy Reserve Medical Corps, a practitioner for more than 30 years, who had trained with Army Rangers and excelled in civilian and military hospitals — knew his brother was right . . . he did know his stuff. But who imagined that being a thoughtful and sensitive medical doctor would become tougher than his military service? Fighting for his career, doing his job well, upholding the Hippocratic Oath, and raising questions about an untested mRNA vaccine? Surely, he never did. By way of background, his life’s jour- ney had made him into a neuromus- cular specialist, with expertise in

acute to chronic pain. Profession- ally, he was a standout, with years of awards for patient care, distin- guished academically, profession- ally published, twice named a “top doctor” in one of America’s top cities for medicine, and nationally recog- nized. But here he was. He had been asked by patients and offered his best advice under unprec- edented circumstances, a federal roll- out, and job-threatening mandates for students, military, and civilian employees, all tied to a novel, experi- mental, mRNA vaccine. Like tens of thousands of other doctors, he was expected to accept and promote the vaccine, based on CDC (Centers for Disease Control) guidance, a nationwide campaign that even mainstream media

outlets — like ABC News and Good Morning America — called “fear-based advertising.” Like tens of thousands of others, he offered what he knew — with caution. What we now know about the initial vaccine, which 68 percent of the population have received, is that caution was — if not an obvious choice — justified. Without getting into a medical debate, we broadly know that some benefited greatly from the vaccine, while others suffered severe side effects. Moreover, we know mRNA vaccines are different from traditional vaccines. Traditional vaccines are tested for 5 to 10 years, but not so here — another departure point worthy of doctor-patient discussion. Gener- ally, the vaccines can be produced

continued on page 20

18 • AMAC Magazine

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fast (which they were during this pandemic), are reportedly assumed to pose no risk of integration into host DNA, and are more “effective” than inactive vaccines. On the other hand, they are unstable and easily degraded and can create “unnecessary immune responses”; plus “safety is lower than inactivated vaccines,” and “effectiveness is lower than DNA vaccines,” according to National Library of Medicine sources. Even federal mandates do not change the laws of physics. All this naturally raised questions in patients’ minds, and this doctor — like countless others — read, read more, tried to understand the risks of a new vaccine being pushed exceptionally hard, and counseled understand- ing on how the vaccine may affect a person’s unique physiology, such as a prior history of cancer or auto- immune disease, based on prevailing understandings of mRNA. Who among us would not be glad for such advice, sensitivity, respect for uncertainties presented by the pandemic, and an unprecedented federal campaign that minimized questions and suggested knowledge that was nonexistent while disparag- ing caution? Not a single patient brought a complaint against this doctor to the state’s board, yet interestingly enough, his employer and his state pressed him severely. When his sensitive and objectively conserva- tive approach to patient advocacy led

him to seek other employment, the employer and state dogged him. His license to practice medicine was put into question while he was forced through the indignities of a manda- tory psychological exam (which he passed with ease). He was then put on watch — all against the backdrop of mounting international evidence supporting caution for many patients, based on their personal medical and demographic circumstances. His resistance to government over- reach — his knowing the truth, respecting the truth, and refusal to flinch when others sought to turn him from it — spoke volumes. His persistence led to victory. He stood his ground, held his faith, upheld his oath, and this doctor was riotously vindicated. Before he and I part ways, he reminds me — his brother was right. When principles are challenged, confidence is low, and you suddenly feel alone — you are not. Tens of millions stand with you spiritually and literally. In the year ahead, take stock, because — and he smiles when he says this — “You are not alone!” Robert B. Charles Robert B. Charles served in the Reagan and Bush 41 White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell, and counsel to the US House National Security subcommittee for five years; a former litigator, he taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School, recently authored “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018), and consults in Washington, DC.

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20 • AMAC Magazine

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E very year since the early 1990s, the Social Security Adminis- tration’s Board of Trustees has issued warnings to Congress addressing the program’s projected long-range inability to pay full bene- fits. Their annual Trustees Report routinely includes a lukewarm call to action to stave off what would be a catastrophe for America’s seniors, with the most recent report encour- aging action by lawmakers “in a timely way” to implement corrections “sooner rather than later.” Unfortunately, Congress has turned a blind eye to Social Security’s loom- ing insolvency problem, and the program’s financial reserves continue to evaporate. Full depletion, once decades away, is, according to some official government sources, now within a ten-year horizon. And while

ten years might seem to be a long time, it isn’t. Dealing with the problem well before any necessary changes take effect so that workers can adjust retirement plans to account for those changes is critical. The longer the problem is ignored, the greater the impact will be when changes ultimately are made.

With Social Security being a major source of income for most of the elderly, a reduction in benefits would create a serious financial hole that children and grandchildren would likely be called upon to fill. With this as a driver, Dan Weber and his AMAC colleagues spearheaded the devel- opment of a plan that would both preserve and modernize Social Secu- rity — a program that has not seen any significant alterations since its 1935 creation. AMAC’s plan has evolved through the years and has been reviewed by congressional representatives during hundreds of Capitol Hill visits since its 2012 unveiling. In summary, AMAC’s plan — its Social Security Guarantee (see ) — is an approach that calls for no tax increases , ensures the targeting

AMAC on the Front Line

One of the primary areas of focus in the eyes of AMAC Founder Dan Weber was the absolute importance of keeping Social Security’s prom- ise of financial support in retirement intact. He recognized that virtually everybody relying on Social Secu- rity to fund a portion of their retire- ment years is in the crosshairs of the solvency problem.

22 • AMAC Magazine

of benefits where needed the most, and provides an avenue for all work- ers to accumulate financial reserves for retirement.

the option to retire at age 62 with a discounted benefit. The plan also includes relatively modest adjust- ments designed to marginally curtail maximum benefits for high earners, along with several programmatic changes, including improvement in survivor benefits, diversion of retirement account penalties from the Treasury to Social Security, and redesigning the Windfall Elimination Provision (WEP) currently embedded in Social Security’s rules. Addressing the SSG’s final prime directive, AMAC has also designed a voluntary plan — Social Security Plus — intended to provide additional retirement funds for all workers. With an estimated 50 percent of married couples and 70 percent of unmarried people depending on Social Security for half or more of their total income, an avenue to accumulate additional cash reserves for retirement is critical to their well-being in later years.

• Guarantee achieving solvency and benefit continuity for future generations • Provide a means for all earners to have more income available at retirement through a comple- mentary or supplemental Social Security Plus account. On this first point, the AMAC plan offers two options, one aligning annual cost-of-living adjustments with the federal poverty threshold to ensure that the beneficiaries clos- est to the poverty limits receive the highest adjustment, and the other striking an across-the-board aver- age adjustment to be awarded to all beneficiaries. Either way, the SSG calls for a positive annual adjustment to be mandated. Within the Social Security calcula- tions, the SSG recommends chang- ing the program’s full retirement age from 67 to 70 while retaining

The AMAC Social Security Guarantee

In developing its plan to resolve Social Security’s solvency prob- lem, AMAC continuously examines proposals and options to deal with the long-range problems. As a result, the AMAC Social Security Guarantee (SSG) includes thoughts and concepts introduced in Congress through the years merged with AMAC’s own research and ideas to achieve what we believe is the best path to long- term trust fund solvency without rais- ing taxes. Structurally, the AMAC SSG addresses three prime directives: • Ensure annual benefit increases for those with lower earnings

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Projected Social Security Trust Fund Balance at Year End

















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