AMAC Action 2023 Annual Advocacy Report

A yearly review of the Accomplishments and Developments set forth by AMAC Action. The Association of Mature American Citizen's Advocacy division.

An IRC 501(c)(4) - Florida (non-profit corporation)

2023 Advocacy Annual Report


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2023 was an incredible year of growth for AMAC Action. The heart and soul of our organization will always be our members—and we are grateful and proud that the AMAC Action Army has expanded to more than 360,000 advocates across all 50 states. Because of their devotion, enthusiasm, and patriotism, we have achieved critical victories in 2023.


As we reflect on these important milestones in 2023, we are also setting ambitious goals for 2024. This will be a critical year for the future of our nation, and AMAC Action will be at the forefront of empowering Americans to defeat the forces that seek to undermine our republic and to renew the conservative values that have always strengthened and sustained our nation. HIGHLIGHTS FROM 2023

 Executed 92 call-to-action campaigns with nearly 750,000 messages sent to members of Congress, state legislators, corporate executives, and the President of the United States.  Helped pass 17 bills in the US House of Representatives, including to secure the border, rein in federal overreach, protect women and girls’ sports, and lower healthcare costs.  Delivered major legislative victories in 9 states, including to strengthen election integrity, protect children from radical gender ideology, and increase healthcare price transparency.  Launched 14 statewide chapters, grew to more than 70 local chapters, and held more than 150 in- person local chapter meetings with nearly 4,000 advocates.

 Initiated a campaign against JP Morgan Chase, sending more than 91,000 messages to executives to curb the dangerous practice of promoting woke policies at the expense of customers.

 Published more than 250 articles and appeared on more than 200 television and radio programs.

This work is only possible because of the tireless work of our volunteers. As we often say at AMAC Action, the credit goes to our members and the glory goes to God.



WHO WE ARE AMAC Action is the premier conservative grassroots organization for Americans over 50. We are committed to advancing policies that empower mature Americans to live longer, keep more of their hard-earned money, retire with dignity, and build a stronger America for future generations. We provide a vehicle for AMAC members to engage in grassroots advocacy to preserve our great American values of faith, family, and freedom.


AMAC Action serves to support and defend the United States Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the free market. AMAC Action and its volunteer advocates work to advance AMAC members’ influence in Washington, DC, in Congressional Districts, and state legislatures while serving as a valued resource for the membership, Congress, state leaders, and mature Americans throughout the nation. AMAC Action enables conservative Americans aged 50+ to become politically engaged and active in their community.


AMAC Action does not simply speak for our members—we give them a platform to directly engage in the most important policy battles of our time.


To protect seniors and build a stronger America for our children and grandchildren, we are focused on advancing major policy objectives. In everything we do, we are working to:  Restore election integrity  Defend our constitutional freedoms  Protect parental rights  Ensure Social Security solvency  Deliver better healthcare  Save every human life—from the unborn to the elderly



AMAC Action's premier advocates on the frontline in Washington, DC


Bob Carlstrom President, AMAC Action

Bob Carlstrom serves as President of AMAC Action and brings decades of experience in business, government, politics, communications, and media. Bob was the co-founder, Chairman, and CEO of one of Washington’s largest independent government, international, and public relations firms. Then, he rebuilt a management investment team and refined company strategy to undertake a roll-up acquiring 6 industrial companies in 5 states. Bob has represented major corporations, industries, associations, and coalitions before Congress and various administrations, as well as in the communications strategies arena, including crisis communications. Bob served as a senior official in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget and co-chaired a national seniors coalition for the election of President Trump and Vice President Pence.

Andy Mangione Senior Vice President, AMAC Action

Andy Mangione is the Senior Vice President of AMAC Action. Andy directs all aspects of AMAC Action’s grassroots advocacy, representing the interests of the Association’s members in Washington, DC and in the states. He founded the AMAC Action Delegate Program, a national grassroots advocacy platform that currently features hundreds of volunteer advocates. He is also responsible for the strategy, messaging, and execution of AMAC Action’s numerous call-to-action campaigns that activate hundreds of thousands of AMAC members. Andy charts the policy course for AMAC Action and the execution of governmental strategies, and has testified before state legislative committees. He represents AMAC as national spokesperson, contributing to all AMAC media.

Jennifer Bengtson Vice President of Operations, AMAC Action

Jennifer Bengtson serves as the Vice President of Operations for AMAC Action. She manages the daily activities of the AMAC Action offices headquartered in Leesburg, Florida. As the primary liaison between the Government Relations Team in Washington, DC and the national grassroots volunteer network, she collaborates with the leadership team to execute strategic priorities. Jennifer oversees all grassroots advocacy initiatives at the state and local level. She also manages organizational growth, institutional advancement, and events.


Robert B. Charles President and Managing Member, The Charles Group

Robert B. Charles serves as AMAC’s National Spokesman. He brings to AMAC policy experience in the Reagan and Bush ‘41 White Houses. He served as Colin Powel’s Assistant Secretary of State for International Narcotics and Law Enforcement Affairs (INL) as well as Chief Counsel and Staff Director of National Security, International Affairs, and Criminal Justice Subcommittee in the House of Representatives. He has also taught at Harvard’s Extension School on congressional oversight and cyberlaw, litigated in New York and Washington, DC, clerked on the Ninth Circuit of the US Court of Appeals, and served 10 years as a Naval Intelligence Officer. A prolific writer, he has written hundreds of articles and multiple books, including Eagles and Evergreens (2018).

Palmer Schoening President, Schoening Strategies

Palmer Schoening is part of AMAC Action’s government relations team based in Washington, DC, where he helps to direct the organization’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Palmer and his team ensure that AMAC Action has a consistent ground presence on Capitol Hill. Palmer also serves as Chairman of the Family Business Coalition, a group of 150 small business associations promoting tax and regulatory policies that help family-owned businesses succeed in the next generation of ownership.

Josie Gallagher Director of Government Affairs, Schoening Strategies

Josie Gallagher serves as Director of Government Affairs at Schoening Strategies and is part of AMAC Action’s team in Washington, DC. Josie meets with staff members on Capitol Hill, drafts policy positions and letters to Congress, coordinates district action with our efforts in Washington, and manages AMAC Action’s congressional scheduling. Josie is constantly working to ensure AMAC members’ voices are heard on a range of issues from Social Security to healthcare price transparency. Josie is a proud Virginian and graduate of George Mason University.

THE AMAC ACTION TEAM Front L-R: Cristy Shufelt, Kristi Koffel, Ashley McBride, Back L-R: Holly Greco, Jeff Szymanski, Gail Williams, Terri Haverly, Kevin Beeley, Michael Teninty


GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY Over the last four years, AMAC Action advocates have sent more than 1.9 million messages to local, state, federal officials, and corporate leaders.


In 2023, AMAC Action executed 92 call-to-action campaigns, activating our members to fight for the most important issues of our time. AMAC Action’s more than 360,000 advocates sent nearly 750,000 messages to stand for their values on an array of issues, including election integrity, parental rights, healthcare price transparency, and border security.


In 2023, AMAC Action’s government relations team held more than 150 meetings with members of Congress and their staff. We sent 75 letters to Congress in support of proposed legislation that addressed issues such as border security, First Amendment protections, parental rights, and election integrity. We also worked with Congressman Daniel Webster (R-FL) to reintroduce the Helping Everyone Access Long Term Healthcare (HEALTH) Act. Inspired by the late AMAC founder Dan Weber, this bill would provide essential healthcare services to low-income families by granting a charitable deduction to doctors who administer pro bono care. In total, our efforts at the federal level helped pass 17 bills in the US House of Representatives. Among these were the following pieces of legislation:  Lower Costs, More Transparency Act: a bipartisan bill to reform key aspects of the healthcare system, including introducing publicly available healthcare pricing and curbing pharmacy price hikes.  Lower Energy Costs Act: a bill to restore American energy independence by supporting projects like the Keystone XL pipeline, protecting access to domestic natural resources, promoting energy supply chains, and fostering energy related international cooperation.  Secure the Border Act: a bill to combat illegal immigration, complete the border wall, provide better resources for border patrol, demand more government transparency on illegal crossings, and strengthen current laws to protect children.  Parents Bill of Rights Act: a bill to protect the God-given rights of parents to make decisions for their children, particularly in the realm of education.


These pieces of legislation are still awaiting passage in the Senate. Given the overwhelming bipartisan support that the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act received in the House, we are hopeful that the Senate will pass a version of the bill in early 2024. Days after we launched our call-to-action campaign to support the price transparency legislation, 10 members of Congress agreed to co-sponsor the legislation. We will execute a similar call-to-action campaign in the Senate. This legislation represents an important step in increasing hospital price transparency and reducing healthcare costs for patients. AMAC Action also played a critical role in pushing back against the far-left agenda. In March, AMAC Action advocates sent over 26,000 messages to President Biden petitioning him not to veto a bipartisan resolution to protect retirement funds from ESG investing. Biden ultimately vetoed the resolution, but not before AMAC members called him out on his promise to work with both Democrats and Republicans. AMAC Action also opposed the appointment of General C. Q. Brown’s nomination as Chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff as well as Jack Lew’s nomination as US Ambassador to Israel. AMAC advocates sent roughly 25,000 messages to Senators within 36 hours urging them to oppose the general’s confirmation because of his record of promoting racial quotas, social experimentation, transgenderism and woke ideological teachings. AMAC members helped to cancel the vote prior to the Senate’s August recess. While the Democrat-run Senate ultimately confirmed these nominations, the pressure they felt from AMAC members and other concerned citizens forced the Democrat Senate Majority Leader to hastily and covertly confirm them outside the regular norms of the Senate.  Born-Alive Survivors Protection Act: a bill to protect the lives of children who are “born-alive” as the result of an unsuccessful abortion by directing lifesaving measures to ensure their survival.  Protecting Speech from Government Interference Act: a bill to reinforce the First Amendment right to free speech by defining enforcement measures if any federal employee attempts to violate citizens’ rights.  REINS Act: a bill to protect Americans against executive overreach by strengthening the process of congressional review of rules proposed by the Executive Branch.  Protection of Women and Girls in Sports Act: a bill to prohibit school athletic programs that receive federal funding to allow biological males to compete in female sports.  Veteran Entrepreneurship Training Act: a bipartisan bill to support military veterans and their families as they create small businesses.  Senior Security Act: a bill to establish safeguards for all seniors to protect them from financial exploitation.



At the state level, AMAC Action delivered major legislative victories in 9 states, with hundreds of thousands of advocates participating in dozens of call-to-action campaigns. Many of these efforts were focused on securing the integrity of our elections. We also helped pass important parental rights bills, as well as healthcare price transparency at the state level.


NORTH CAROLINA: AMAC Action advocates played an instrumental role in passing legislation to strengthen election integrity. This bill included reforms like banning private funding of elections, retaining all election records for 22 months, removing non-citizens from voter rolls, treating early voting locations in the same manner as precincts on election day, and requiring all ballots to be received by election day. Although the governor vetoed this bill, AMAC advocates sent more than 22,000 messages to state legislators, which proved critical in overturning the veto and enacting these vital election integrity reforms. NORTH CAROLINA 

ILLINOIS: AMAC Action advocates sent more than 176,000 messages to Illinois state legislators urging them not to support ranked- choice voting measures. Thanks to the strong opposition from AMAC members, the ranked- choice voting initiative was ultimately defeated.


MONTANA: Helped enact legislation to prevent the use of ranked-choice voting in Montana state and county elections. Ranked-choice voting is a dangerous practice that complicates the voting process and makes it more partisan and less transparent.  MONTANA


WYOMING: AMAC advocates were instrumental in helping enact legislation to prevent “crossover voting,” a nefarious practice of switching political parties before an election in order to sway votes in favor of a specific candidate. Before this bill was enacted, people could register to “crossover” to another political party up until two weeks before an election.


IDAHO: Far-left activists proposed changing the voting system to allow for open primaries that would use ranked-choice voting to determine the general elections candidates. Thanks to the efforts of AMAC members in collaboration with the Election Transparency Initiative, Idaho Governor Brad Little signed a bill into law banning ranked-choice voting in state elections.


COLORADO: AMAC Action advocates helped to enact legislation to strengthen hospital price transparency and makes non- compliance a violation of state law.



SOUTH CAROLINA: Helped to pass legislation to make healthcare more competitive and less costly in the state.



PARENTAL RIGHTS WINS CALIFORNIA: AMAC flooded the legislature with messages to oppose a bill that would criminalize parents and grandparents who speak out against the immoral and unethical leftist and liberal indoctrination forced upon the school children of California. AMAC members sent 2,500 messages to all 80 members of the state legislature in opposition of the bill. Although the bill initially passed in the state legislature, it was then vetoed by the governor and parental rights were upheld in California.

KENTUCKY: AMAC Action defended parental rights in education by helping to enact legislation that allows parents to provide input in the curriculum used in public schools.



AMAC members also spoke up for injustices occurring in the private sector. AMAC members sent more than 91,000 messages to JP Morgan executives calling them out for stifling free speech and discriminating against religious Americans. Our members helped hold JP Morgan Chase accountable for its assault on the free speech rights of fossil fuel companies, arms manufacturers, and religious organizations. This assault included de-banking and denying services to former Ambassador Sam Brownback’s non-profit, the National Committee for Religious Freedom. During AMAC Action’s ongoing campaign, this issue came up at JP Morgan Chase’s shareholder meeting in May. Shareholder David Bahnsen brought a resolution forward that challenged the bank over the cancellation of accounts held by conservative organizations and individuals, championing AMAC Action’s position of free speech and religious liberty rights as enshrined in the First Amendment. Though Bahnsen’s resolution did not pass, he noted that JP Morgan Chase is now “petrified to discriminate against accounts on the basis of religion or politics.”



AMAC Action’s state and local chapters continue to grow, creating a nationwide movement of engaged citizens who are advancing conservative policies at the local, state, and federal levels. With more than 70 local chapters across the country, our 300 delegates and chapter leaders held more than 150 in-person meetings with nearly 4,000 attendees this year.

In addition to the thriving local chapters, over the past year AMAC Action has launched 14 statewide chapters: Alaska, Arizona, California, Florida, Iowa, Kansas, Kentucky, Michigan, New Jersey, Ohio, Oregon, Texas, Virginia, and Wisconsin. To bring together advocates across the state and help drive state-specific policy reforms, we held 21 virtual statewide chapter meetings with more than 2,300 attendees. This year, AMAC Action advocates met with over 31 congressional district offices, held 14 congressional Meet & Greets, and met with 99 other elected officials to advance reforms on an array of issues, including Social Security solvency, election integrity, and improved border security.



COALITION PARTNERSHIPS • ALEC Action • American Conservative Union • American Constitutional Rights Union • America First Policy Institute • Americans for Tax Reform • Coalitions for America • Conservative Action Project • Council for National Policy • Election Integrity Network • Family Business Coalition • Federal Fiscal Sustainability Foundation • Free Enterprise Project • Free2Care • Honest Elections Project • Job Creators Network • Leadership Institute • SAVE/Title IX Network • State Freedom Caucus Network • Western Conservative Summit




“Because of the hundreds of emails from AMAC members, several of our legislators were moved to support important changes in North Carolina statutes. We will forever owe AMAC a debt of gratitude for mustering conservative voices in defense of free and fair elections.”

– Jim Womack, President of the North Carolina Election Integrity Team

“As a state legislator, it is important to have partners like AMAC that are willing and able to step up in short order. AMAC worked efficiently and effectively to inform their membership of critical legislation. Due to their efforts, we were able to stave off the passing of legislation that would have long-term consequences in our elections and wipe out the voices of over 7 million Michiganders.”

– Michigan State Representative Ann Bollin

“For far too long the too-big-to-fail banks have thought they could get away with anything -- their CEOs running companies backstopped by taxpayer money to force their elite, leftwing policy preferences on all of us. AMAC's tremendous work, sending more than 91,000 petitions to executives and directors of the company about its disgraceful and possibly illegal debanking of Ambassador Sam Brownback's religious liberty organization, let them know that now the whole world is watching. And that we won't forget.”

-- Scott Shepard, Director of the Free Enterprise Project

“After years of increasing concerns over election day practices at polling locations throughout the state, AMAC helped us identify, recruit, train, and assign hundreds of poll watchers and state party-appointed election officials. By contrast, in past elections, we could recruit fewer than 100 poll workers. The result has been increasingly flawless state and local elections, and many New Hampshire voters expressing much greater confidence in our elections.”

– Bill O’Brien, Former Speaker of the New Hampshire House of Representatives


COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY AMAC Action continues to expand our media reach,

and conservatives are echoing our message in the media



Senator Rand Paul penned an op-ed in Townhall that exposed the nefarious practices of AARP and encouraged conservatives to join AMAC. Here’s a brief excerpt.

“Conservative seniors may find it prudent to disengage from AARP and instead join a senior organization like the Association of Mature American Citizens, or AMAC. AMAC bills itself as ‘the conservative alternative to AARP,’ offering comparable services while embracing a more free-market perspective. AMAC provides a viable alternative to AARP, eschewing any liberal bias. “AMAC ensures that the voices of its two million members are heard in Congress, the White House, and the national media. Its focus is on defending constitutional rights, fiscal responsibility, federal solvency, and accountability in government. AMAC’s commitment

to advocacy is evident through AMAC Action, their sister nonprofit organization that advances conservative initiatives at all levels of government. Members can participate in grassroots advocacy efforts to support AMAC’s mission.” – US Senator Rand Paul

JANUARY 5, 2024

The Federalist published a story that detailed AMAC’s growing influence across the country. See excerpts on the following page.


The Association of Mature American Citizens Has Quietly Become A Conservative Powerhouse

By Mark Hemmingway The Federalist

“If there is a silver lining to the corruption of the AARP, it’s that it is no longer the only interest group representing politically influential seniors. In 2007, Dan Weber founded the Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC). Though Weber had himself been a member of the AARP, he was frustrated with the politically liberal direction of the organization, which was far more radical than most members realized. … “AMAC has also attracted millions of members by taking a very different approach than AARP: It doesn’t hide its politics and does its best to respond to the priorities of its members. “‘We take our marching orders from our membership, and we publish and post right on the home page of our site, any calls to action, who we are, what we do, and what we stand for. We’re looking to advance policies that are going to, of course, empower people and help our members live long lives, keep more of their hard earned money in their pocket,’ says [AMAC CEO] Rebecca Weber.” … “The good news is that AARP’s failings represent opportunities that, even 16 years in, AMAC is just beginning to capitalize on. ‘The advocacy work really has resulted in significant victories, and I do think that they’ve been underreported,’ says Weber.”


*** AMAC Action’s writing team has written hundreds of articles this year. National Spokesperson Robert B. Charles published more than 250 articles and appeared on more than 200 television and radio programs this year, including numerous appearances on John Solomon’s “Just the News,” Frank Gaffney’s “Securing America,” “Fox & Friends,” and “News Nation,” Neil Cavuto, Larry O’Connor, Nathan Allen, Mark Hahn, and Glenn Beck. AMAC Action Senior Vice President and National Spokesperson Andy Mangione appeared weekly on the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher Show and also appeared on the American Sunrise, Special Report, Stinchfield Tonight, America’s Voice Live, and Live from Studio 6B programs on Real America’s Voice News.


AMAC Action is also a frequent contributor to AMAC’s nationally recognized Newsline. The Newsline reports on a range of issues, from the latest legislation in Congress to important foreign developments to emerging cultural conflicts and political trends.

• AMAC Newsline articles have been shared by high-profile conservative figures such as: Newt Gingrich, Megyn Kelly, and Donald Trump, and are frequently featured on: RealClearPolitics, Powerline, and other popular sources of political news and commentary. • AMAC Newsline readership averages more than 2 million readers per month.


AMAC has continued to grow our social media presence. In 2023, we achieved:

• 4.4 million impressions and 352,000 followers on Facebook • 11.1 million impressions and 15,100 followers on X (formally Twitter) • 3.3 million impressions and 15,000 followers on Instagram AMAC conducts weekly polls of its members on the issues of the day to guide AMAC’s advocacy priorities. These polls generate tens of thousands of responses on average each week.


Since the launch of AMAC’s “Better for America” podcast in 2022, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber has aired more than 260 episodes with a range of guests, including members of Congress, policy experts, veterans, and law enforcement officers. Some of her most prominent guests include: Charlie Kirk, Larry Elder, Vivek Ramaswamy, Kari Lake, Dr. Ben Carson, General Mike Flynn, Mark Levin, Bill O’Reilly, Tom Fitton, Harris Faulkner, Sheriff Mark Lamb, Governor Kristi Noem, Senator Marsha Blackburn, Senator Rand Paul, and House Majority Leader Steve Scalise.


IN 2023 Rebecca co-hosted a series of Presidential Townhalls with John Solomon, interviewing four presidential candidates: Donald Trump, Ron DeSantis, Vivek Ramaswamy, and Doug Bergum.


To advance our policy goals, Rebecca co-authored an op-ed with Florida Congressman Daniel Webster published in the Washington Examiner urging members to pass the HEALTH Act. Additionally, she penned an op-ed with Dr. Marion Mass encouraging Congress to enact the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act, which the US House of Representatives passed in December 2023.





AMAC Action has become one of the most effective conservative grassroots organizations in the country. Now, AMAC Action is preparing to grow our successful model and give every conservative American over the age of 50 a platform to be directly involved in reclaiming our national values and restoring greatness to our country.


1. Play a determinative role in helping to re-direct our country in 2024  Recruit, train, and mobilize many more AMAC Action advocates in battleground states who will work on election day and during early voting, observe polls, and protect vulnerable voters in assisted living facilities.  Focus on Senate races in key states where AMAC Action advocates can have the greatest possible impact in gaining more conservatives in the Senate. 2. Grow the army of AMAC Action advocates to half a million

 Recruit State Chapter Leaders in all 50 states.  Recruit a Delegate for each congressional district.

 Empower Chapter Leaders and Delegates to effectively lobby for and against legislation in state capitols.  Empower Chapter Leaders and Delegates to host regular Meet & Greet events with key elected officials.  Hire State Directors to coordinate volunteer activity within each state. 3. Pass federal legislation to advance AMAC members’ priorities  Pass the Lower Costs, More Transparency Act.  Pass the HEALTH Act.  Support legislation to outlaw physician assisted suicide.  Pass legislation to protect the unborn.  Build consensus with key congressional members to introduce a Social Security solvency plan in 2025 and work with members to introduce corresponding legislation. 4. Pass state legislation to further advance AMAC Action’s priorities  Pass legislation in key states to protect children from the radical transgender agenda.  Pass legislation in key states that have not yet taken action to protect life in the wake of the overturn of Roe v. Wade. 5. Host Educational Events in Key States  Host conservative events for Americans over 50 to engage in policy issues and hear from our nation’s greatest leaders.  Offer educational workshops to prepare AMAC members to effectively advocate for AMAC’s conservative priorities.




Empowering Mature Conservatives

Engage  Educate  Mobilize

Online | Phone | 855-809-6976 Email | Headquarters 1904 Thomas Avenue, Suite 103, Leesburg, Florida 34748

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