AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024

AMAC member quote and my wife’s smartphone is only $15. We are in a rural area and have a cordless home phone we link to our cells. We put our cell phones in the house where we get the best reception and answer calls on our home phone line. No problems and the service is great! Thank you, AMAC.” — Bill Owens, AMAC member

Can I keep my number, and can I use my current phone? phone number. Most phones will work well on the PureTalk network, but they can’t be tied to an existing carrier contract or payment plan. If your phone is tied to a before you can bring it to PureTalk. You may also need to call and ask your current carrier to unlock the phone. If you aren’t sure if your current phone will work, we suggest you give PureTalk a call. PureTalk also offers the newest unlocked iPhones and Android phones for purchase on their website. You can choose to pay for it in full or to make monthly payments at 0% interest. Our conclusions:

Here’s a recap:

• The average family of four saves $900 by switching to PureTalk • PureTalk has the same 5G network at half the cost • No contract... customers can move on for any reason at any time • You can bring your phone and keep your phone number • PureTalk pays your 3-YEAR AMAC membership

• AMAC members get an EXCLUSIVE BONUS and have a $10 plan that no one else gets • Save more off your monthly bill when you have 2 lines, 3 lines, or 4+ lines • GET A $20 CREDITfor each friend you refer (and $20 for your friend too) • You’re supporting a veteran-

From what we’ve learned about PureTalk, Their service is equal to that of their largest competitors, but you pay a lot less. They have a 30-day money back guarantee, so customers have much to gain and nothing to lose. ‘We enthusiastically endorse PureTalk.’

owned company with US-customer service


KURT MEYER - Vice President, Strategic Partnerships & Membership Services, AMAC

Get the Apple iPhone SE Gen 3

Call: (855) 343-1974 Visit:


INCLUDES AMAC MEMBERSHIP ** *With qualifying plan. Additional terms apply. ** Offer valid for AMAC members and new PureTalk customers.

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