AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024

Setting the Record Straight on Conservatives’ Pro-Life “Problem”

A fter a string of disappointing election results for the GOP following the Supreme Court’s decision to overturn Roe v. Wade in June 2022, it has become conven- tional wisdom among Democrats, the liberal media, and even many in the Republican consultant class that the pro-life issue is killing Republican candidates at the polls. But a better interpretation of the facts is that while there are some indica-

tions that the abortion debate is cost- ing the GOP, there is perhaps more compelling evidence that the pro-life cause has never been more important for Republicans and is even a proven political winner when messaged and framed properly. Moreover, conser- vative voters and elected officials alike have a sacred moral duty to defend life and to be agents of posi- tive change in society, rather than reactively retreating before the left’s cultural onslaught.

A Manufactured Narrative The fact that Democrats and the media are relentlessly pushing the narrative that the pro-life issue is costing Republicans big at the ballot box should be the first clue for conservatives that it’s untrue. Digging a little deeper into recent election results, it quickly becomes clear that advancing pro-life policies

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