AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024


New Year , Same “ Woke ” Wireless Shenanigans Steer clear. Switch to PureTalk

I t’s a new year, but that doesn’t mean the big 3 wireless carriers have turned a new leaf. Honestly, it would take a lot more than a flip of the calendar to make them embrace the conservative values we hold dear. No, the big 3 may still be supporting left wing policies this year. Your hard-earned money may be funding cringe-worthy causes. The legacy wireless providers would like you to believe that the exorbitant fees they charge are used to support good causes. Truth is, your money likely goes right to the left - to support policies, programs, platforms, and curriculums that would make you cringe. An American company for true patriots. Unlike some of those big legacy carriers, PureTalk has long prioritized America. With a U.S. veteran as its chairman, they emphasize their commitment to supporting troops and offer a PureTalk showcased its commitment

by forgiving $10 million in veteran debt, demonstrating action over mere words. Choosing PureTalk not only saves on wireless bills but also contributes to preserving American jobs. Every dollar spent with PureTalk boosts the domestic economy. With 100% of customer service located in the United States, PureTalk’s growth means more job opportunities for hardworking Americans, securing a brighter future for the nation. How much can I save with PureTalk? The average family of four saves $75 a month for a total of $900 a year by switching to PureTalk. Monthly plans for AMAC members start at just $10/month with talk, text, and blazing fast 5G data. So how does PureTalk charge so much less? For starters, they don’t spend millions supporting shady causes and political candidates. PureTalk also doesn’t operate brick and mortar storefronts, minimizing

high overhead costs. Unlike carriers like T-Mobile, who may bundle services under the guise of being “On Us,” PureTalk believes in transparency, understanding that there’s no such thing as a free lunch, as economist Milton Friedman noted. PureTalk has 5G and covers 99% of Americans. PureTalk operates on the largest, most dependable 5G network in America. With PureTalk, you get the same coverage as one of the big 3 but at half the cost, their coverage map and you’ll see just how extensive their coverage is. 100% U.S. customer service. We’ve all experienced the frustration of calling customer service and struggling to speak with someone halfway across the world. PureTalk customer support is 100% American. PureTalk is committed to keeping its customer support 100% in the USA.

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