AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

Global Warming Hoax?

Explosive Book Reveals Fact From Fiction . . .

Every American must know how DECADES of dubious scientific data could restrict their freedoms.

I f you ever suspect that you (and everyone else) have been lied to about the causes of “global warming” — then . . . Here’s one way to find out. In the bestselling book Hot Talk, Cold Science you’ll discover why global warming has been one of the most hotly debated issues throughout the world for the past 40 years. Plus, you’ll see how you may have been misled about climate change by government ocials, scientists, and various foundations. Why is this so important? Ultimately, it comes down to controlling how we’ll live our daily lives in the coming years. Everything from where you live . . . to what kind of vehicle you drive . . . to what your children learn in school . . . to what food you can eat . . . We’ve already seen it happen with the Biden administration. And sadly, it’s just the start. That’s why you MUST get a copy of

Hot Talk, Cold Science today. In the expanded third edition of this controversial bestseller, the authors and renowned climate experts reveal: ■ Why there is NO climate crisis arising from human activities now . . . nor on the horizon over the upcoming years (p. 103) ■ How the ice mass in Antarctica has actually been increasing since 1979 and NOT decreasing like we’ve been led to believe (p. 64) ■ The carbon dioxide disconnect and why there is ZERO evidence linking carbon dioxide to climate change (p. 66) ■ How the BIGGER problem of “global cooling” has been overlooked and why it could cause far greater hazards to humans than global warming (p. 174) ■ How a FAKE consensus of scientists and CORRUPTION of the peer-review process have been purposely misused by politicians to further their agendas since 1990 (p. 56) ■ The “Hockey Stick” scandal in which a small group of scientists conspired to rewrite climate history so they could claim

that temperature increases in the 20th century were “unprecedented” — and how it was debunked! (p. 73) ■ And much, much more . . . Those are just a handful of the little-known facts (which are never reported by the mainstream media!). Discover What the “Establishment” “Establishment” does NOT want people like you and me knowing the facts and the real reasons behind climate change. Doesn’t Want You to Know Now, keep in mind — the Because the more people who know the real truth . . . the less chance they have of succeeding. This is why we’ve made it a priority to get this must-have, 234-page book into the hands of as many Americans as possible. And Newsmax wants to put a copy of

it in your hands absolutely FREE . To secure your FREE copy of Hot Talk, Cold Science simply follow the instructions below: Claim Your FREE Book Offer! (800) 724-5715 Call: Online:

Hot Talk, Cold Science provides the reader with important facts and evidence conveniently overlooked by climate alarmists . . . ” — U.S. Senator Ted Cruz

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