AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

AMAC Action Is Pushing Back Against Corporate Wokeness AMAC ACTION

I n the past year, several major American companies embraced such an overtly far left agenda that millions of Amer- icans boycotted the companies in righ- teous protest. For instance, Bud Light has lost 30 percent in sales over the Dylan Mulvaney debacle. The Los Angeles Dodgers’ stadium was empty on the night that it featured a drag group of “queer and trans nuns.” Target lost $10 billion in market valuation in just 10 days after it announced an LGBTQ clothing line. These were all important moments when Americans voted for their values with their wallets. While AMAC Action is primarily focused on advocating for state and federal laws that align with our members’ values, we occasionally engage in efforts to hold corporations account- able  particularly when large compa- nies take egregious actions directly at odds with our constitutional rights and with AMAC members’ values. In 2022, AMAC members sent more than 145,000 messages to Disney to voice opposition to its woke policies. Two weeks after this campaign launched, Disney’s head of corporate affairs was fired. In 2023, AMAC members sent more than 90,000 messages to JP Morgan Chase executives after the company denied financial services to firearm manufac- turers and sellers and moved closer to divesting from fossil fuel companies. These actions are an assault on the free speech rights of American companies

and represent the wrongful bullying by big corporations to force their radical ideology on all our citizens. As if infringing on the free speech rights of their customers wasn’t enough, Chase went further by closing the account of a nonprofit religious liberty organization headed by former US Ambassador Sam Brownback. To reopen the account, the bank demanded sensitive information regarding donors and a list of criteria the organization used to determine its support for political candidates. AMAC members contacted Chase’s C-suite executives to hold them account- able for stifling the civil liberties of law-abiding citizens. We urged them to adhere to the standards for respecting free speech and religious liberty in the workplace as scored by the Viewpoint Diversity Business Index, which aims “to preserve the fundamental freedoms of speech and religion for all Americans.” The organization “brings together leaders from business, civil society, and academia who are committed to preserving the freedom of expression and freedom of religion or belief in the market, workplace, and the public square.” Chase’s current Workplace Score, which includes metrics for religious and ideological diversity, stands at just nine percent  and has dropped six points this year alone. AMAC members overwhelming engage- ment in this effort sent a strong message:

many Americans who bank at Chase do not want the company to advance woke policies that not only conflict with our members values but also hurt their bottom line. AMAC members’ involvement in this campaign underscores the importance of citizen advocacy  the more people who speak out, the less afraid others are to do the same. In fact, even David Bahnsen, whose firm is reported to own $100 million worth of the bank’s stock, chal- lenged Chase’s cancellation of accounts held by conservative organizations. While Bahnsen’s efforts did not reverse the decision in that instance, he nonetheless stated that JP Morgan Chase is now “petri- fied to discriminate against accounts on the basis of religion or politics.” AMAC members are causing corporations to think twice before they impose a woke agenda on millions of customers who still believe in American values.

Andrew Mangione

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