AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

border Security



“America First” immigration policies, includ- ing restoring his previous policies; aggres- sively confronting drug trafficking; and banning those who sympathize with Islamic terrorism, antisemitism, and communism. Pledged to send military to border, send special forces to target drug cartels, finish wall, conduct mass deportation. Supports sending in special forces to elimi- nate drug cartels; opposes separating illegal parents from their children. Pledged to send military to southern border, send troops into Mexico, secure the northern border, universally deport illegal immigrants. Vows to send National Guard to border, but has criticized Trump for building wall and flip-flopped on path to citizenship. Finish border wall, use military technology, stop human and drug trafficking, end sanc- tuary cities. Supports National Guard use at the border; supports lowering barriers to legal immigra- tion, especially for farm and tech workers.

Supports tariffs, more tax cuts for corpo- rations and possibly individuals, resuming energy production and deregulation.

Signed First Step Act into law; supports severe penalties for crimes, such as the death penalty for trafficking drugs and murdering police.

Create tax incentives to invest in US, cut regu- lation, close four federal agencies, resume energy production. Would veto budgets not reduced to pre-COVID levels, cancel $500 billion in green subsidies, insist on zero-based budgets. Declare economic independence from China; pledges to achieve 5% GDP growth primar- ily by stopping climate change policies and embracing fossil fuels. Cut spending, decrease regulation, increase vocational education, reform Social Security and Medicare for younger people. Cut government spending to pre-pandemic levels, pass balanced-budget amendment, end earmarks, impose stricter work requirements on welfare, expand opportunity zones. Restore energy independence, reduce regu- lations, cut taxes; has not revealed many specifics. Reached a record for the fewest offshore oil and gas leases in history, including killing the Keystone Pipeline while signing off on Russia’s Nord Stream 2 Pipeline; enacted the Inflation Reduction Act, which has not reduced infla- tion but has given billions of dollars to massive green energy corporations; approved record levels of government spending and tax hikes on Americans. Supports climate change policies, cutting military spending and reinvesting that money in the economy, reinvesting in American manufacturing.

Calls for repealing the First Step Act and removing progressive prosecutors; opposes removing mandatory minimums. Reduced recidivism and incarceration in South Carolina, has called for more mental health and addiction treatment, has given few specif- ics on how to reduce crime. Address mental health issue, expand mental health institutions, reduce liability for police and increase police on the streets. Favors alternatives to jail for some drug offenses, but stronger penalties for violent crime. Supports the First Step Act and higher penal- ties for violent crime, calls for strengthening support for police support while ensuring accountability. Signed laws in North Dakota to reduce mandatory minimums, increase funding for addiction treatment. Crime has risen to unprecedented levels under Biden; has not provided law enforcement with the support and resources needed to do their jobs; supports sweeping criminal justice reforms. Supports requiring police to wear body cameras, supports funding to train police offi- cers, suggests increasing the personal liabil- ity for misconduct, supports criminal justice reforms such as releasing non-violent crim- inals from jail.

Created wide-open border policies; illegal border crossings have reached record highs; supports sanctuary cities, mass migration, and blanket amnesty.

Criticized Biden’s border policies as disas- trous, pledges to secure the border, called for ending “endless floods of migrants pour- ing through an open border.”

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