AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

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National Security

Took unprecedented pro-life actions during his presidency, though has expressed reluc- tance to enact a federal ban.

Vowed to “fully support” Israel, but has criticized Netanyahu; brokered the Abraham Accords; pledged that the Ukraine war would end within 24 hours of taking office; imposed tariffs on China. Unclear whether he supports more aid to Israel. Opposes more aid to Ukraine, wants to end normal trade relations with China. Suggests giving Israel “whatever” they need, supports more aid to Ukraine, opposes economic cooperation with China and is open to military force.

Donald Trump

Recently signed a 6-week abor- tion ban in Florida.

ron desantis

Flexible stance, pro-life with exceptions, suggests pragmatic approach.

nikki haley

Criticized Republicans for reacting with “hysteria” to Hamas attack, supports ending aid to Ukraine and Israel, suggests Taiwan fight China on its own.

vivek ramaswamy

No federal ban, leave to states.

Flip-flopped on the issue, does not support federal ban.

Called for “whatever it takes” to support Israel, supports aid to Ukraine, suggests pressuring China through negotiation.


Has not ruled out troop assistance in Israel, supports aid to Ukraine, suggests outcompeting China through deregulation. Called for “maximum political and military support” for Israel, supports aid to Ukraine, suggests strengthening US economy to beat China. Policy of appeasement toward adversaries; chaotic withdrawal of troops from Afghanistan that led to the Taliban’s resurgence; re-negotiating the Iran nuclear deal and released $6 billion to Iran; supported aid to Ukraine, Israel, and Palestinians; eased export controls against China and engaged in diplomatic talks.

Supports a 15-week abortion ban.


Enacted law to severely restrict abortion in North Dakota, but believes the issue should be left to the states.


Supports federal abortion legis- lation to terminate life in the womb, up until birth.


Flip-flopped on abortion, initially supporting a federal ban after the first 3 months before revers- ing his position.

Called US role in Ukraine conflict “terrible for the Ukrainian people”; condemned the Hamas attack on Israel; believes China does not seek war with US but wants to “bury” US economically.


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