AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

Thus far, the Biden campaign has sought to center its messaging on issues like democracy and abortion  fram- ing Biden as a defender of America’s democratic traditions against so-called “MAGA extremists” who Biden claims are seeking to dismantle them. “I’ve made the defense and protection and preservation of American democracy the central issue of my presidency,” Biden said during a September speech in Arizona. Additionally, following the Supreme Court’s 2022 Dobbs decision, the Democrat establishment has seen the abor- tion issue as a way to garner more votes from suburban women and young voters. Although Biden continues to trail Donald Trump and some other Republicans in many national polls, his campaign staff has remained optimistic. As Axios reported in Septem- ber, the White House “is telling anxious Democrats that two issues  abortion and Donald Trump  will propel Biden to re-election.” But whether this theory will in fact deliver a second term for Biden and the Democrats is highly questionable. Donald Trump’s favorability ratings are generally higher than Biden’s, and as economic concerns continue to linger in the minds of voters, memories of the Trump economic boom just four years ago could turn out more red votes than the Biden team is currently prepared for. Whether or not Biden ultimately prevails next Novem- ber will likely have drastic implications for the future of the country.

A s Biden is the oldest president in American history and has shown increasingly obvious signs of physi- cal and cognitive decline, the political commentar- iat class is still openly speculating about whether he will in fact be at the top of his party’s ticket come next November. But it appears that the Democrat establishment is none- theless once again coalescing around Biden’s candidacy  and viewing him as their best shot at defeating Donald Trump or any other Republican challenger. To most voters, it’s no secret that the Biden administration has had its fair share of bad headlines. From record-high inflation, to the worst border crisis on record, to far-reach- ing progressive social policies and repeated foreign policy blunders, Biden looks likely to find himself in an extremely difficult political position next November. He is in a notice- ably weaker position than other presidents one year out from a re-election bid. President joe biden

Did you know? Biden has reached a record for the fewest offshore oil and gas leases in history. See our comparison chart on page 42 for more!

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