AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

ADVERTISEMENT Fish Oil Failure Shines Grim Light on America’s Memory Crisis America’s Top Memory M.D. Reveals Why Fish Oil Doesn’t Protect You from Senior Moments – and the #1 Alternative

M ore than 16 million Americans suffer from age-associated cog- nitive impairment, and according to nationwide research, these numbers are only rising. Thankfully, anti-aging specialist and best-selling author Dr. Al Sears says there’s an easy way to banish senior moments and brain fog for good. It’s a safe, natural compound called DHA – one of the building blocks of your brain. It helps children grow their brains significantly bigger during de- velopment. And in adults, it protects brain cells from dying as they get older. For years, most people thought fish oil was the best available source of DHA… But industrial fish farming practices have depleted the nutritional content of nearly every fish oil you can buy. Today, roughly 20 million Americans are wasting their money on fish oils that hardly do anything at all. And since they think they are ad- dressing the problem, fish oil’s failure has led to America’s memory crisis con- tinuing to grow practically unchecked. Fortunately, Dr. Sears says, “there’s still hope for seniors. Getting more DHA can make a life-changing differ- ence for your mental clarity, focus, and memory.” Dr. Sears, a highly-acclaimed, board-certified doctor— who has pub- lished more than 500 studies and writ- ten four bestselling books — says we should be able to get enough DHA in our diets… but we don’t anymore. “For thousands of years, fish were a great natural source of DHA. But due to industrial fish farming prac- tices, the fish we eat and the fish oils you see at the store are no longer as nutrient-dense as they once were,” he explains. DHA is backed by hundreds of stud- ies for supporting razor-sharp focus, extraordinary mental clarity, and a lightning quick memory… especially in seniors. So, if you’re struggling with focus, mental clarity, or memory as you get older… Dr. Sears recommends a different approach.


Research has shown our paleo an- cestors were able to grow bigger and smarter brains by eating foods rich in one ingredient — DHA. “Our hippocampus thrives off DHA, and grows because of it,” ex- plains Dr. Sears. “Without DHA, our brains would shrink, and our memo- ries would quickly fade.” A groundbreaking study from the University of Alberta confirmed this. Animals given a diet rich in DHA saw a 29% boost in their hippocampus — the part of the brain responsible for learning and memory. As a result, these animals became smarter. Another study on more than 1,500 seniors found that those whose brains were deficient in DHA had signifi- cantly smaller brains — a character- istic of accelerated aging and a weak- ened memory.

Why the ‘brain fuel’ ingredient in fish oil is slowly drying up.

know why,” raves Bernice J. “The dif- ference that Omega Rejuvenol makes couldn’t be more noticeable.” And 70-year-old Mark K. says, “My focus and memory are back to age-30 levels.” These are just a handful of the thousands of reviews Dr. Sears re- ceives regularly thanks to his break- through memory formula, Omega Rejuvenol . WHERE TO FIND OMEGA REJUVENOL To secure bottles of this brain-boost- er, buyers should contact the Sears Health Hotline at 1-800-440-4396 . “It takes time to manufacture these bottles,” says Dr. Sears. “The Hotline allows us to ship the product directly to customers who need it most.” Dr. Sears feels so strongly about this product he is offering a 100% money-back guarantee on every or- der. “Send back any used or unused bottles within 90 days and I’ll rush you a refund,” says Dr. Sears. The Hotline is taking orders for the next 48 hours. After that, the phone number may be shut down to allow for inventory restocking. Call 1-800-440-4396 to secure your limited supply of Omega Rejuvenol . Readers of this publication immediately qualify for a steep discount, but supplies are limited. To take advantage of this great offer use Promo Code OMAMAC1223 when you call.

serve well into old age.” Dr. Sears and his team worked tire- lessly for over two years developing a unique brain-boosting formula called Omega Rejuvenol . It’s made from the most powerful source of DHA in the ocean, squid and krill — two species that cannot be farmed. According to Dr. Sears, these are the purest and most potent sources of DHA in the world, because they haven’t been tampered with. “ Omega Rejuvenol is sourced from the most sustainable fishery in Antarctica. You won’t find this oil in any stores.” MORE IMPRESSIVE RESULTS Already, the formula has sold more than 850,000 bottles. And for a good reason, too. Satisfied customers can’t stop raving about the memory-boost- ing benefits of quality-sourced DHA oil. “The first time I took it, I was amazed. The brain fog I struggled with for years was gone within 24 hours. The next day, I woke up with the energy and mental clarity of a new man,” says Owen R. “I remember what it was like be- fore I started taking Omega Reju- venol … the lack of focus… the dull moods… the slippery memory… but now my mind is as clear as it’s ever been,” says Estelle H. “My mood and focus are at an all-time high. I’ve always had trou- ble concentrating, and now I think I


Dr. Sears uncovered that some- time during the 1990s, fish farmers stopped giving their animals a natu- ral, DHA-rich diet and began feeding them a diet that was 70% vegetarian. “It became expensive for farmers to feed fish what they’d eat in the wild,” explains Dr. Sears. “But in or- der to produce DHA, fish need to eat a natural, marine diet, like the one they’d eat in the wild.” “Since fish farmers are depriving these animals of their natural diet, DHA is almost nonexistent in the oils they produce.” “And since more than 80% of fish oil comes from farms, it’s no wonder the country is experiencing a mem- ory crisis. Most people’s brains are shrinking and they don’t even know it.” So, what can people do to improve their memory and brain function most effectively. Dr. Sears says, “Find a quality DHA supplement that doesn’t come from a farmed source. That will protect your brain cells and the functions they


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