AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

ID Resolve Don’t Fall Victim to Idenity Theft An AMAC Member Benefit Highlight W ho would you call first if an identity thief wiped out your life savings? Would your money be lost for good? Or what if someone ran up exorbitant credit card charges in your name? Would you be responsible for paying them? But the bigger question is . . . how would you make it all stop? Losing your money to an identity thief is bad enough. But watching the good credit you’ve built over the years be wiped out can be devastating. And then there’s the work you’d need to do to repair it all on your own. Being the victim of identity theft can be a traumatic experience. Just ask anyone who has been through it, and you will hear how overwhelming it is to lose your sense of security, have your savings wiped out, or have your identity and good name ruined. I’m here to tell you there’s a way to block thieves from stealing your identity and even get alerts if you’ve been targeted by identity thieves. AMAC is proud to offer ID Resolve as a member benefit. ID Resolve eliminates those worries and gives you a team of reliable professionals who are on your side! They’ll help get your money back and repair your credit, clean up the mess left behind, and, most importantly  make sure it doesn’t happen again. With one call, the experts at ID Resolve will begin working to regain control of your money and restore your peace of mind after identity thieves strike. Two customized plans are available to meet your needs: ID Resolve – provides resolution services if you fall victim to identity theft. With one call, their team of US-based resolution specialists will spring into action to help repair your financial reputation and put safeguards in place to prevent a recurrence. ID Resolve 360 – delivers a more comprehensive level of protection, pairing dili- gent monitoring with resolution services. You’ll have access to an online portal where you can actively monitor your identity and important financial credentials and be alerted to early signs of theft. Best of all, AMAC members save up to 38 percent off the ID Resolve retail rate. Get an individual ID Resolve membership for just $99 or only $119 for couples! Plus, you’ll also receive a free 1-year AMAC membership exten- sion when you register for either plan! Don’t wait to protect your identity and financial reputation with ID Resolve  use your AMAC discount and enroll now! Kurt Meyer Senior Vice President of Strategic Partnerships and Membership Services



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