AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

THE LAND OF MISFIT PACKAGES Brands like Amazon and QVC have paved the way for convenience during the holiday season. But with any success comes a scammer lurking around the corner. Some scammers have started pretending to be delivery companies like Amazon or FedEx and send text messages or emails with a malicious link to “track your pack- age,” which, if clicked on, can steal personal and financial information. Advanced scammers have delved further into tactics like leaving voicemails or placing a “missed delivery” tag on the front door  often including a harmful phone number to call to verify your personal information. HOW CAN WE STAY SAFE? It is best to refrain from clicking on a link or calling a number for unexpected pack- ages. Instead, call the company’s direct customer service line, which can be easily found online. We can avoid unnecessary stress by reaching out to friends and family  espe- cially those with a record of sending surprise holiday packages  at the start of the season. Kindly ask for a “heads-up” on packages or updates on delivery information for gifts they might send via mail. This can save a lot of stress; plus, it’s an excellent way to spread awareness of dangerous scams surrounding the holiday season. SCAMMERS DON’T TAKE HOLIDAY BREAKS Scammers stop at nothing to attack and victimize innocent people, which is why we must never drop our guards  even if we pause to enjoy some twinkly lights, say a prayer or two, and eat some homemade pie. With more shopping done online each year, it’s crucial that we stay informed and be aware of these dangers. But this is not to instill fear . . . We must not allow the absurdity of others to influence our ability to love and hold trust in the world. We must remember to remain cheerful and optimistic about the intentions of our neighbors  but we must also stay educated on the hazards and abuse malicious people inflict on those trying to bask in the holiday cheer. Maybe we can pray that they find peace and goodness the way it has found us  as sometimes the greatest gift of all is helping the lost find light.


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