AMAC Action 2021 Annual Advocacy Report

A yearly review of the Accomplishments and Developments set forth by AMAC Action. The Association of Mature American Citizen's Advocacy division.



Table of Contents Mission Statement AMAC Action and the Government Relations Team Legislative Priority Highlights Conservative Partnerships and Coalitions Recap of 2021 Congressional Activity AMAC-Supported Bills Legislative Support, Statements, and Coalition Letters Grassroots Advocacy Call-to-Action Testimonials The American PATRIOT Award 2021 Proactive Communications Strategy Robert B. Charles AMAC Columns

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AMAC ACTION MISSION STATEMENT AMAC Action serves to confront the myriad challenges to the United States Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the free market. Along with our advocates, we will advance AMAC Action’s influence in Washington, D.C., in Congressional Districts, and state legislatures across the country while acting as a recognized and valued resources for our members, Congress, state leaders, and seniors throughout America.

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AMAC ACTION AND THE GOVERNMENT RELATIONS TEAM AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action, is a non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the membership in our nation’s capital, in local Congressional Districts, and state legislatures throughout the country. AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, D.C. with our Government Relations Team. This group of dedicated, professional advocates is committed to the privilege of representing AMAC members’ priorities and conveying their concerns to federal and state lawmakers. The AMAC Action Government Relations Team Bob Carlstrom President, AMAC Action Bob Carlstrom serves as President of AMAC Action and brings a credential that is a blend of senior executive leadership in business, government, politics, communications, and media. He co-founded and built one of Washington’s largest independent government, international, public relations, and federal marketing consulting firms. He also rebuilt the management investment team and refined the strategy to undertake a roll-up in the metals finishing component of the parts manufacturing industry, acquiring in a concurrent M&A transaction 6 operating companies in 5 states. In government and politics, Bob served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency review and analysis - including the development of a broad range of legislation. Andy Mangione Senior Vice President, AMAC Action Andy Mangione served as AMAC’s point person on Capitol Hill in 2012-2014 and founded AMAC Action’s Delegate Program. Rejoining AMAC in 2017, he now oversees all aspects of AMAC Action’s national grassroots advocacy programs and represents the AMAC membership in Washington, D.C. Andy charts the policy course for AMAC Action and the subsequent execution of legislative strategies. Andy also serves as one of AMAC’s national spokespersons and frequently writes for all AMAC media in addition to national online publications and other regional media. Jennifer Bengtson Vice President, Operations, AMAC Action Jennifer Bengtson serves as Vice President, Operations for AMAC Action. She is responsible for managing the operations of the advocacy office located in Leesburg, Florida and serves as the primary liaison for AMAC Action Delegates, Chapter Leaders and Chapter members. She also collaborates on policies and procedures and leads the support of grassroots expansion and recruiting. Bobby Charles President and Managing Member, The Charles Group Robert B. Charles became national spokesperson for AMAC in 2019. Prior to serving as AMAC’s national spokesperson, Charles spent eight years as an AMAC strategic planner, supervisor of congressional outreach, and writer. He served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell (2003-05), Chief Counsel and Staff Director of The Congressional Oversight Committee’s arm investigating Justice, Defense, State and NASA under Speaker Newt Gingrich (1995-2000), and is a former New York and Washington D.C. litigator. Charles previously taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School and was also a US Naval Intelligence Officer. He is the author of “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003) and “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018).

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Palmer Schoening President, Schoening Strategies

Palmer Schoening is part of AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team based in Washington, D.C. where he helps to direct the organization’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Palmer and his team ensure that AMAC Action has a consistent ground presence on Capitol Hill. Palmer also serves as Chairman of the Family Business Coalition, a group of 150 small business associations promoting tax and regulatory policies that help family- owned businesses succeed into the next generation of ownership. Alex Ayers Vice President, Public Policy, Schoening Strategies Alex Ayers serves with Palmer Schoening on AMAC Action’s Washington D.C. team where he helps to build AMAC’s presence and influence on Capitol Hill. Alex is an expert at drafting legislation and on the legislative process. Alex has published papers and studies in various policy areas including taxes, energy, agriculture, and economics and has testified on tax policy. LEGISLATIVE PRIORITY HIGHLIGHTS The 117th Congress, in which both Chambers are under the leadership of highly partisan Leftist Democrat bosses combined with Joe Biden in the White House brought a whirlwind of Leftist policies and legislative proposals that undermine our Constitution, the God-given inalienable rights of Americans, the importance of the States in our republic, and which attempt to establish single party and bureaucratic control of our Nation. AMAC Action, in a highly focused and concerned mode, is meeting these challenges directly in Congress, in the states, in the media, and with the Biden Administration. We are very disappointed that from the moment Biden was sworn into office, he started and has continued to spitefully block the important reforms that were launched by President Trump and his Administration. Hence, the year started busy and stayed that way through the end of 2021. Moreover, membership polling revealed an interest in three more issues that were added to our legislative portfolio for 2021: • Election integrity • Critical Race Theory • Elder abuse, neglect, and financial fraud In addition to sending support and opposition letters addressing AMAC priority issues including Social Security, healthcare, Constitutional rights, national debt, and taxes to Members of Congress on Capitol Hill and state legislators, below are highlights of the activity in which AMAC Action was engaged throughout 2021. Election Integrity AMAC Action spent considerable time and resources in 2021 working to defeat H.R. 1 / S. 1, the fraudulently titled “For the People Act,” and H.R. 4, the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act” while also supporting initiatives to strengthen election integrity in states across the country. Even though these bills were defeated, AMAC Action fully expects aspects of these measures, designed to demolish state election authority under the US Constitution, and virtually guarantee one-party (Democrat) rule under the guise of federal election oversight and “voter rights,” to be inserted into various legislative proposals throughout the 117th Congress, which runs through 2022. As such, AMAC Action will continue to work and strategize with the leaders of conservative groups supporting election integrity, including the Election

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Transparency Initiative, Honest Elections Project, Independent Women’s Vote, Institute for Free Speech, Judicial Watch, Public Interest Legal Foundation, Heritage Action, Conservative Partnership Institute, and Job Creators Network, to keep our elections free and fair. AMAC members were greatly involved in the defeat of the “For the People Act” and the “John Lewis Voting Rights Advancement Act.” They made over 419,000 contacts throughout 2021 to members of the United States Senate in addition to targeted pressure campaigns to key Senators including, Joe Manchin of West Virginia and Kyrsten Sinema of Arizona. AMAC members also composed letters to the editor stating their opposition to the “For the People Act” which were published in West Virginia and Arizona publications. AMAC-supported election reform legislation passed state legislatures with the assistance of engaged advocacy by local AMAC members in Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, Michigan, Pennsylvania, and Texas. Legislation was signed into law in Kentucky, Arizona, Texas, and Florida. Further advocacy was done at the state level by the membership in Alaska . AMAC Action joined with other conservative groups to support the Arizona initiative that helped to place the “Voter ID Act” on the ballot in 2022.

Healthcare HEALTH Act

The AMAC Action team in Washington, D.C. is currently working with members of Congress to introduce the “Helping Everyone Access Long Term Healthcare (HEALTH) Act.” It will be similar legislation to the “Physician Pro Bono Care Act” introduced in the previous Congress as H.R. 856 and will allow healthcare professionals who treat Medicaid-eligible patients to voluntarily take a simple tax deduction instead of billing Medicaid for their services. The bill is projected to save the Medicaid program billions of dollars while helping Medicaid patients to establish long-term relationships with primary care physicians leading to better healthcare outcomes. Hospital Price Transparency AMAC Action also activated the membership to leave comments on a Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) website compelling CMS to keep the requirement for hospitals to report their median Medicare Advantage rate. The CMS proposal to repeal this requirement would allow hospitals to revert to the previous manner of reporting inaccurate, inflated price estimates that would prevent patients from accessing important pricing information to assist them in making better informed healthcare decisions. Critical Race Theory At the direction of the AMAC membership, AMAC Action made a mid-year addition to our legislative portfolio. Resources have been developed to educate and activate AMAC members on Critical Race Theory (CRT). These resources will assist members in identifying CRT, networking to oppose CRT, and engaging local school boards to stop the CRT curriculum. We also experienced success in a CRT call-to-action as Arizona AMAC members helped to pass a bill that was signed into law that prevents funding for CRT training for public employees in the state. In addition, AMAC Action staff and advocates were present, at the request of the Florida Governor’s office, at a key Florida State School Board meeting where Critical Race Theory was voted out of, and therefore, disallowed from the state’s public schools’ curriculum.

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National Debt AMAC Action facilitated the introduction of the Bill of Financial Responsibilities at the annual American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) Annual Meeting in late July with the intent of aligning with other budget amendment groups to convene a states’ Constitutional Convention to address and curb runaway federal spending, reform taxation, and ensure fiscal accountability and compliance with standards of fiscal management and accounting. AMAC Action is continuing to work with other allies in 2022 to achieve a mandate upon the Congress to set the time and place for a convention called by the States for proposing an amendment to the Constitution that will impose fiscal responsibility and accountability upon the federal government, thereby providing a check on runaway federal spending and taxation. Social Security Work continues to initiate bipartisan congressional introduction and passage of the key elements of AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee to prevent insolvency and also to eliminate the income tax on Social Security and Railroad Retirement benefits.


Engagement with the Major Conservative Organizations AMAC and AMAC Action staff and leadership also attended major conservative events including the Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC); Council for National Policy; and the Faith & Freedom Coalition’s Road to the Majority event. AMAC Action also exhibited at the Conservative Minority Conference’s convention. AMAC Action is a regular participant in forums with Washington, D.C.-based conservative movement organizations, including the American Tax Reform’s Center Right Coalition, the Weyrich Lunch, the Conservative Action Project, the American Conservative Union, and the National Tax Limitation Committee. Free2Care AMAC belongs to the non-partisan Free2Care coalition, a partnership of physician and patient advocates working together to create a package of healthcare reforms that empowers both physicians and patients. State Association Meetings and CFADD Meeting In addition to attending the aforementioned American Legislative Exchange Council’s (ALEC) annual meeting, AMAC Action sponsored a booth at the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) conference to further expand relationships with state legislators and develop AMAC’s state-level advocacy efforts. AMAC Action also attended the Christian Families Against Destructive Decisions (CFADD) meeting.

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RECAP OF 2021 CONGRESSIONAL ACTIVITY AMAC Action met, either virtually or in-person, with 57 Congressional offices In Washington, D.C. throughout 2021 to address the following issues: • Facilitate introductions to AMAC and AMAC Action for freshmen members of the 117th Congress • Generate co-sponsors for H.R. 1829, the Pharmacy Benefit Manager Accountability Study Act as requested by the bill’s sponsor, Rep. Diana Harshbarger, TN-01 • Present AMAC’s Social Security Guarantee and Social Security Plus proposals • Work to introduce the HEALTH Act • Gain insight on legislation under consideration for AMAC’s support or opposition AMAC Action also continued its meetings with the House Ways and Means Committee’s Social Security Subcommittee, the House Select Subcommittee on the Coronavirus , the House Republican Whip’s Office , and the Republican Study Committee . AMAC-SUPPORTED BILLS H.R. 1799, the PPP Extension Act, was signed into law by President Joe Biden. The bill extends the Payroll Protection Program to ensure more small businesses take advantage of the program. This bill is of particular importance to America’s seniors as they are one of the largest groups of small business owners and will be responsible for putting Americans back to work as the economic recovery continues. H.R. 1448, the Puppies Assisting Wounded Servicemembers (PAWS) for Veterans Therapy Act, was signed into law by President Joe Biden. This bill requires the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) to implement a five- year pilot program to provide canine training to eligible veterans diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder as an element of a complementary and integrative health program. H.R. 5142, the Congressional Gold Medal Bill, was signed into law by President Joe Biden. This bill posthumously provides for the award of a Congressional Gold Medal in commemoration of the 13 service - members who died on August 26, 2021, while protecting men, women, and children during the evacuation of citizens of the United States and Afghan allies at Hamid Karzai International Airport in Afghanistan. H.R. 2922, the Elder Abuse Prevention Act, was passed by the House of Representatives and was introduced in the Senate. This bill codifies a Trump Administration initiative that requires the Justice Department to designate an elder justice coordinator to oversee law enforcement efforts. The coordinator also would evaluate training models for law enforcement, prosecutors, judges, emergency responders, medical and mental health professionals, and others working with seniors on how to: • Conduct investigations of elder abuse cases • Address legal issues • Work with victims and witnesses of elder abuse in administrative, civil, and criminal proceedings H.R. 2062, the Protecting Older Workers Against Discrimination Act, was passed by the House of Representatives and was introduced in the Senate. This bill revises the evidentiary standard for age discrimination by establishing an unlawful employment practice when the complaining party demonstrates that age or participation in an investigation, proceeding, or litigation related to an age discrimination claim was a motivating factor for an adverse practice, even though other factors also motivated the practice (thereby allowing what are commonly known as mixed motive claims).

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LEGISLATIVE SUPPORT, STATEMENTS, AND COALITION LETTERS AMAC Action initiated, or was requested to provide 37 letters to Members of Congress in support of legislation and other actions, individually on behalf of the membership or in coalition with other conservative organizations, concerning (partial list): • No funding allowed for Critical Race Theory training in the federal workplace • Election integrity • Elder abuse • Older worker discrimination • Alternative therapy for veterans suffering from PTSD • No Critical Race Theory curriculum in k-12 schools • No Social Security for illegals • No political weaponization of the IRS • Repealing the Death Tax • Lowering drug costs • Reforming Section 230 of the Communications Decency Act to prevent censorship by Big Tech

• Treating veterans exposed to radiation in Palomares, Spain • Treating veterans exposed to radiation at nuclear testing sites • Expanding access to telemedicine • Protecting the life of a child who survives a failed abortion • Reducing Medicare financial burdens in retirement • Studying the business practices of Pharmacy Benefit Managers (PBM) • Protecting retirement savings from inflation

AMAC Action also sent 17 letters, individually on behalf of the membership or in coalition with other conservative organizations, in opposition to legislation that included the Green New Deal, H.R. 1 / S. 1, the “For the People Act,” (multiple letters), the “PRO Act,” and bills that would infringe on Americans’ Second Amendment rights. AMAC Action sent 16 additional letters to states including Alaska, Arizona, Florida, Kentucky, North Carolina, South Carolina, and Texas to support election reform, Article V, and hospital price transparency legislation. Additionally, AMAC Action sent 3 letters to state legislatures in Alaska and New Jersey expressing opposition to tax legislation and the recission of an Article V Convention of States application.

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GRASSROOTS ADVOCACY THE AMAC ARMY AMAC Action offers two options for members to volunteer to become engaged in local advocacy— membership and leadership in AMAC Action Chapters and the Delegate Program. AMAC Action Chapters Chapters provide a forum for fellowship and education for the local AMAC membership at-large. Each Chapter has a volunteer Leader, and some have volunteer Co-Leaders. Chapter Leader(s) schedule, plan and preside over monthly or bi-monthly meetings. AMAC Action Chapters focus on topics and legislation supported by the membership and advocated for by AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team in Washington, D.C. Chapters meet to, among other things, educate AMAC members on significant issues to amplify the narrative in their local communities regarding the Association’s mission and relate matters of importance to friends and neighbors. Chapter members are also encouraged to attend local Congressional events and meetings as scheduled by their Delegate(s). There are 82 (up from 53 in 2020) active AMAC Action Chapters throughout the United States. A total of 117 Chapter meetings were held with a reported attendance of approximately 5,100 AMAC members and friends in 2021. Meeting attendees heard elected officials and candidates speak, learned about relevant issues, and participated in discussions regarding the US Constitution, Critical Race Theory, Article V, COVID-19 vaccine mandates, and educational freedom, among other topics. Meetings were held in person where appropriate, virtually, along with a hybrid of the in-person and virtual formats. AMAC Action Delegate Program Delegates are members of Chapters and are volunteer liaisons for AMAC Action to their local Congressional District office. They are the lead contact for grassroots Congressional communication within the local District and are trained to articulate AMAC’s mission and stance on key issues. Each Delegate is associated with the Congressional office in the District in which they live and vote and coordinate local activity. This includes scheduling meetings with Representatives and candidates, organizing Meet & Greet events, and other similar events. AMAC Action Delegates held a combined 57 meetings with local Congressional offices and Meet & Greet events with Members of Congress in 2021. These meetings connect the AMAC membership with their local Member of Congress and give them an opportunity to let their voice be heard on issues that are important to them. These meetings also complement the work of the Government Relations Team in Washington, D.C. while further building Congressional relationships and raising AMAC’s profile. The AMAC Action team has challenged itself to continuously grow this program until all 435 Congressional Districts are represented by motivated, engaged Delegates.

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AMAC Action has a total of 348 (and growing) volunteer advocates serving in the capacity of Delegates, Chapter Leaders, and in the dual role of Chapter Leader/Delegate. These advocates serve as our “feet on the street” at the grassroots level. New advocate recruiting efforts have yielded strong results with 79 new advocates being onboarded in 2021. Additionally, there are over 320,000 AMAC Action advocates who have participated in Congressional, state level, and regulatory Call-to-Action campaigns by contacting their representatives to express their views on issues like election integrity, budget bills, support for the Senate filibuster, healthcare, and Article V. AMAC Action State Coordinators AMAC Action retains a team of State Coordinators who visit Congressional offices in multi-state regions. State Coordinators work on behalf of AMAC’s legislative mission while working closely with local Delegates and Chapter Leaders to develop skills, recruit new advocates, and schedule Congressional and Chapter events. AMAC Action has State Coordinators active in Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. In addition to working with advocates at meetings in the field, AMAC Action State Coordinators attended 22 meetings with Congressional offices and other events in 2021 and facilitated a Congressional candidate forum in Texas’ 6th District with AMAC Action Delegates and Chapter Leaders. Calls-to-Action AMAC Action activated the membership at-large and in individual states throughout 2021 to contact federal and state representatives in numerous Call-to-Action campaigns to compel them to support election integrity legislation, oppose Critical Race Theory, rein in federal spending, promote hospital price transparency, and other issues of interest to the membership: • In February, AMAC members sent over 48,000 emails appealing to the US Senate to work in a bipartisan manner to secure our elections and not consider the “For the People Act” as a solution to reform elections. • In March, Kentucky AMAC members made over 100 telephone calls to the state Senate telling them to support H.B. 574 and ensured its placement on the legislative agenda. This comprehensive election reform bill was placed on the agenda, passed, and was signed into law by the Governor. • In March, the AMAC membership sent the US Senate over 146,000 messages telling them not to support the “For the People Act.” • In March, April, May, and June, Arizona AMAC members sent 22,374 emails to the state legislature telling them to vote for election integrity bills and their support helped to get third-party money out of local election administration; stop inactive voters from automatically receiving ballots; prevent the changing of election deadlines; penalize non-compliance for cleaning up voter rolls; and enhance voter ID for early voting ballots; all of which were signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey. AMAC members also told the Arizona legislature to support a measure that bans Critical Race Theory funding for public employees. This bill passed the legislature and was signed into law by the Governor as well. • In March and April, Mississippi AMAC members sent 335 messages to the state legislature telling them to approve a measure that would allow Mississippi to join with other states in initiating an Article V Constitutional-amending convention.

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• In April and May, Texas AMAC members sent 17,143 messages telling their state representatives to support election integrity and security legislation. The bill passed the Senate and had support in the House, but House Democrats walked out of the legislative session as it expired in a last-ditch effort to prevent a vote. • In April and May, Maine AMAC members sent over 324 messages to the state legislature in opposition to National Popular Vote legislation that would give away their electoral votes based on the national popular vote. AMAC members helped to defeat this measure which ultimately failed in the Maine House of Representatives when 20 Democrats joined Republicans in voting against it. • In April, South Carolina AMAC members engaged their state legislature with 509 messages in support of an Article V Convention of States initiative. • In May, AMAC member advocates sent nearly 25,000 emails each (over 222,000 in total) to the nine Republican members of the Senate Rules Committee directing them to share the disdain the membership has for the “For the People Act” with their Democrat colleagues. The bill failed in Committee but was brought to the floor of the Senate for a vote via a procedural move by Majority Leader Chuck Schumer where it was ultimately defeated. • In June, Texas AMAC members sent over 3,300 messages to Governor Greg Abbott asking him to call back the state legislature ASAP to convene a vote on election integrity that the Democrats previously walked out on. • In June, AMAC members left over 9,300 comments on a regulatory website telling the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services (CMS) to keep the requirement for hospitals to report their median, payer-specific negotiated charges for Medicare Advantage organizations. CMS issued a rule that would rescind this requirement and cloud this aspect of hospital price transparency. AMAC member comments accounted for approximately one-third of all comments left on the website. CMS was reviewing the comments as of year’s end. • In June, Pennsylvania AMAC members sent nearly 4,000 email messages to the state legislature telling them to pass H.B. 1300, the “Voting Rights Protection Act.” AMAC members were successful in getting the bill passed in the legislature, but it was vetoed by Governor Tom Wolf. • In June, West Virginia AMAC members continued their advocacy on behalf of preserving the filibuster in the US Senate by sending another 222 messages to Senator Joe Manchin telling him to persist in his support of this valuable tool that gives a voice to the minority party. Senator Manchin did not waver, and the filibuster endured and was used by Senate Republicans to defeat the “For the People Act.” • In June, Michigan AMAC members sent members of the state House of Representatives over 1,700 messages telling them to support voter ID bills for mail-in and in-person voting. The bills, which already passed the state Senate, were passed by the state House. • In June, Pennsylvania AMAC members pressured Governor Tom Wolf by sending him over 3,700 emails demanding that he sign the “Voting Rights Protection Act” just prior to his veto. While the veto was expected, AMAC members were able to speak their minds in support of election integrity. • In August, AMAC members sent the entire US Congress over 99,000 messages telling them not to support the Democrats’ wasteful $3.5 trillion budget resolution. House Democrats eventually shrank this budget bill to $1.75 trillion which they passed. As of year’s end, this bill is dead due to opposition from centrist Senate Democrats. • In August, a targeted campaign was sent to Senators Sinema, Tester and Manchin. AMAC members in Arizona, West Virginia, and Montana, collectively made over 1,000 contacts with these Senators to tell them to oppose the double death tax. Senator Sinema’s opposition to this proposal caused it to be removed from the “Build Back Better Act” before final House passage.

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• In August, the AMAC membership left over 16,400 comments in favor of hospital price transparency on a CMS website that was seeking public comments. CMS was reviewing the comments as of year’s end. • In August and November, AMAC Action sent thousands of AMAC members in California and Virginia to websites to sign up to become poll watchers and election workers. The November election for Virginia Governor had an unprecedented amount of scrutiny due to the significant increase of people working the polls. AMAC members also sold out a poll watcher/election worker training session in Virginia in advance of November’s gubernatorial election. • In September, 10 Democrats (Peters, CA-52; Auchincloss, MA-04; Schrader, OR-05; Rice, NY-04; Murphy, FL-07; Correa, CA-46; Strickland, WA-10; Mrvan, IN-01; Gottheimer, NJ-05; and Cardenas, CA-29) received over 773 messages from AMAC members in those respective districts compelling them not to include Nancy Pelosi’s price-fixing, innovation-stifling drug price bill in the budget reconciliation act. Representative Murphy publicly stated that she would not support the $3.7 trillion bill declaring it was “too big” after AMAC members in FL-07 sent her nearly 100 messages. • In September, AMAC’s Alaska members directed their concern over the federal takeover of elections to Senators Murkowski and Sullivan by sending them 570 messages. Senator Murkowski opposed a compromise at the time which would have federalized elections, but ultimately supported debate on the “John Lewis Voting Rights Act.” The vote before the Senate to open this debate ultimately failed. • In September, over 105,270 messages were sent by the AMAC membership to Congress to tell them to oppose Biden’s push for a capital gains tax hike, that would hurt millions of seniors’ retirement income, to be included the budget bill. This effort by AMAC members was successful, as the proposal was removed from the legislation. • In September and December, AMAC’s Pennsylvania members, who were very active throughout the year, sent over 4,850 messages to the state legislature urging lawmakers to pass comprehensive voter reform legislation. The latest measure, H.B. 1800, was scheduled for a vote in early 2022. • In September, AMAC members sent over 740 messages to Democrats in the Senate telling them not to further damage the economy with their political maneuvering regarding the debt limit. This initiative resulted in the Democrats being forced to take a politically risky vote on raising the debt limit using only Democratic votes. No Republicans voted in favor of increasing the debt limit. • In September, AMAC members in West Virginia, Arizona, Montana, and New Hampshire again reached out to Senators Manchin, Sinema, Tester, and Hassan with over 1,900 messages telling them to remain steadfast in their support for the filibuster. • In October, AMAC members in Pennsylvania took on a new issue, a directive by their Governor to join a regional greenhouse gas initiative that would drive up energy costs for state residents and businesses. AMAC members flooded the state Senate with over 3,350 messages telling legislators to oppose the Governor’s directive. The resolution to oppose this directive passed the Senate with 3 Democrats voting with the majority. • In November, AMAC’s members in Pennsylvania, New Hampshire, Arizona, and West Virginia sent over 1,680 messages to Senators Casey, Hassan, Sinema, and Manchin telling them to oppose the Democrats’ drug pricing bill. Senator Manchin ultimately put down the budget reconciliation bill and the Democrats’ drug pricing bill along with it. • In November, AMAC’s Idaho members sent nearly 200 messages inviting their state legislators to attend a meeting to discuss Idaho’s potential participation in an Article V Convention of States. This initiative resulted in high enthusiasm among potential state sponsors for the initiative.

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• In November, AMAC members sent over 14,900 messages to CMS Administrator Chiquita Brooks- LaSure telling her not to raise the Medicare Part B premium and deductible. Shortly after this initiative, US Senators Bernie Sanders (I-VT) and Ron Wyden (D-OR) who is the Chairman of the Senate Finance Committee, both appealed to the Biden Administration to limit any Part B premium increase. • In November and December, New Jersey AMAC members sent over 3,230 messages to their state legislators telling them to oppose the recission of a resolution they previously passed in support of the Article V Convention of States. Unfortunately, the party-line vote to rescind New Jersey’s Article V application was successful. It’s long been recognized in Washington, D.C. and more specifically on Capitol Hill and in state capitals across the country, that direct constituent engagement with representatives’ offices is a powerful indicator of public interest and concern about key issues. The greater the amount of constituent interest, the greater the level of importance of the issue. Additionally, modes and methods of how constituents communicate their concerns is an indicator of issue importance – phone calls, emails, and in-person meetings typically indicate that for every one constituent inquiry there are likely numerous other constituents who also care about these issues. AMAC members made over 735,000 contacts with members of the US House and Senate, state legislators, and the Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services during 2021! There is no other organization within the conservative movement that certifies the hundreds of thousands of active, engaged advocates delivering the grassroots results like AMAC Action does. This effort is purely organic with zero dollars spent on outside resources like robo-calling. All grassroots advocacy results are exclusively driven by the AMAC membership. CALL-TO-ACTION TESTIMONIALS 2021 was indeed busy. Part of what makes doing advocacy work on behalf of the membership so satisfying is the opportunity to work alongside of so many passionate, dedicated members of AMAC. Your love of God and country is profound and inspires the AMAC Action team to double-down on our efforts to fight the Left’s assault on the Constitution and our freedoms. If a particular call-to-action campaign in which you participated did not get the hoped-for results, do not believe that your effort was a waste of time -- it wasn’t. Just as your patriotism inspires the AMAC Action team, your messages to elected representatives gives them the strength and courage they need to fight for you in Washington, D.C. and in states across the country. We know this to be true because some of them have told us how your support humbles them and reinforces their resolve: “AMAC members were critical in grassroots support for H.B. 1300. Without it, we’re not sure we would have had the support to pass it to the Governor.” Representative Seth Grove, (PA House District 196), sponsor of H.B. 1300, Voting Rights Protection Act Chairman, House State Government Committee “AMAC members played a crucially important role in helping Arizona lead the nation on important issues like election integrity and putting an end to the teaching of hateful, racist Critical Race Theory in our schools and government institutions. The thousands of emails and calls from AMAC patriots helped us to stay the course and put these common-sense reforms into law, despite tremendous media and partisan opposition.

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While some organizations sat on the sidelines or even opposed Arizona’s efforts, AMAC stepped up and made a lasting impact in the fight to protect the freedoms of all Arizonans.” Representative Jake Hoffman, (AZ House District 12), sponsor of election integrity and Critical Race Theory legislation “Thanks to AMAC and our Electoral College Coalition partners, we defeated the National Popular Vote legislation in Maine this year. It received no “yes” votes in the Veterans & Legal Affairs Joint Committee. AMAC’s grassroots engagement clearly had a positive impact!” Michael C. Maibach Save Our States THE AMERICAN PATRIOT AWARD In November, AMAC Action invited 103 Members of Congress to an event on Capitol Hill in Washington, D.C. recognizing them for the work they’ve done on behalf of the AMAC membership. The honorees received the American PATRIOT Award, which was conceived by AMAC’s late founder, Dan Weber, to show these representatives our appreciation for their perseverance during these chaotic times and inspire them to keep fighting on our behalf. 2021 PROACTIVE COMMUNICATIONS STRATEGY AMAC media generated a substantial number of in-depth articles, columns, and social media reflecting member interest, concern, and priorities in policy and politics, law and legislation, history, morality, domestic and foreign policy, and presentation of key truths through analysis throughout 2021. During 2021, 2,754 daily tweets were drafted for AMAC’s Twitter account generating 2.28 million tweet impressions (how many individuals looked at AMAC tweets), or an average of 6,200 people looking at AMAC tweets daily. AMAC’s Twitter had 227,800 profile visits, acquired approximately 1,118 new followers, produced 16,400 likes, 1,182 comments, 6,403 retweets and generated 9,900 link clicks. AMAC’s Facebook posts reached over 18 million people while AMAC’s Instagram posts reached over 482,390 people in 2021. These social media engagements hit a range of themes, including: election integrity, the border crisis, stopping runway spending, halting Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools, standing with law enforcement, opposing defunding the police, celebrating national heroes, supporting Israel, restoring strong US defense against China, Russia, North Korea, Iran, and highlighting constitutional and moral values, history, flag, protecting religious liberty, free speech, Second Amendment, and other longstanding individual rights. AMAC’s in-depth articles rang bells on multiple platforms, triggering constant interviews for AMAC’s national spokesperson Robert B. Charles on top television and radio programs, retweets by leading public and private figures, and growing national attention. Radio interviews ranged from national to regional, Glenn Beck, Hugh Hewitt, Larry Elder, Neil Cavuto, Fox & Friends, Larry O’Connor, Alan Nathan, Mark Hahn, to Newsmax, Frank Gaffney, Robert Ehrlich, and a range of other outlets.

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The total number of interviews, pressing AMAC themes, in 2021 tallied approximately 216 , including AMAC Action Senior Vice President and national spokesperson Andrew Mangione’s weekly radio appearances on the Salem Radio Network’s nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher Show. Additionally, AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber interviewed 19 Members of Congress and over 40 conservative thought leaders, including Dr. Carol Swain, Scott Hamilton, Miranda Devine, Cleta Mitchell, Lila Rose, and Victor Davis Hanson for the Better for America Podcast . AMAC Action’s Washington team, Bob Carlstrom, Palmer Schoening, and Alex Ayers wrote or were interviewed for more than 60 articles talking about various policy issues that would impact seniors, the economy, and small-business owners. As a government affairs team working in the halls of Congress, AMAC Action’s Washington team has unique insights into what is happening in D.C. and provides updates to members through articles on the AMAC website and to advocates through the “D.C. Update” portion of the monthly advocate teleconferences. During 2021, AMAC national spokesperson Robert Charles, in tandem with the Charles Group’s communications support to AMAC, wrote/published 264 articles for AMAC. Entitled as follows: January 2021 (19): (1) “Trump, Georgia - Most Important Week in 80 Years”

(2) “Politically Frustrated - What Can I Do?” (3) “Understand and Defend Optimism” (4) “Biden Should Stop Trump Re-Impeachment” (5) “Five Big Points Defining This Moment” (6) “America’s Enemies Emboldened - Watch out” (7) “Trump’s 1776 Commission, Martin Luther King, and Love of America” (8) “Spike the Right?” (9) “Biden on Trump’s Wall - Un-Build it and They Will Come” (10) “Biden Must Condemn ANTIFA” (11) “Executive Overreach - Biden Signs 17 Orders” (12) “Save the Legislative Filibuster” (13) “Another Biden Assault on Speech” (14) “Biden’s World is Fiction - Killing Keystone a Disaster” (15) “Impeachment - Disgraceful Show Trial” (16) “Stop Executive Order Mania” (17) “Pompeo Declares China Genocide” (18) “Trump’s Accomplishments - Historical Perspective” (magazine) (19) “Free Societies Do Not Tolerate Censorship” (magazine)

February 2021 (18):

(1) “Reagan’s Love of Freedom - On His Birthday” (2) “Four Scary Facts - Where We Are” (3) “HR 1 Guts Free Speech, Fair Elections, and States Rights” (4) “Remembering George Schultz – Ronald Reagan’s Secretary of State” (5) “Abortion - Approaching Supreme Rethink”

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |


(6) “Democrat Governors in Trouble” (7) “Biden’s Cheap Words Have Implications” (8) “Cardinal Lessons” (9) “Stop Appeasing China and Iran” (10) “Democrats Coming for America’s Guns” (11) “Tribute to Rush - His Light Lives” (12) “Cold Day - Remembering Freedom” (13) “Social Media Colliding with Liability” (14) “Biden’s Immigration Policy - Dangerous Mess” (15) “Winter of Our Discontent? No, Resolve”

(16) “Democrats’ Equality Act - Unnecessary, Unconstitutional” (17) “Happy Warrior - Positive Nature of Conservatism” (magazine) (18) “The Sun Also Rises - 2022 Elections” (magazine)

March 2021 (17)

(1) “Republicans Championed Women’s Suffrage” (2) “Biden Looks Fragile - Must Project Strength” (3) “AMAC Polls and Predictive Power” (4) “Biden’s Foreign Policy - Dangerously Unfocused” (5) “Ode to Dr. Seuss” (about free speech) (6) “The Power of Humor” (7) “Biden’s Misery Wave” (8) “Culture and Constitution Colliding” (9) “False Narrative Pushing HR 1 - Do Not Believe it” (10) “Profound Media Bias - Law Must Change” (11) “Biden’s Slide - How Long Can it Go On?” (12) “Patriotic Story” (13) “Accelerating Corporate Self-Censorship” (14) “Biden Press Conference - Telling” (15) “Best Argument against China - is China” (16) “Luckier Than We Know” (17) “Three Diplomatic Lessons - Rooted in History”

April 2021 (21)

(1) “When are Media Outlets Political Actors?” (2) “Stop the Doublespeak on S.1.” (3) “Mass Illegal Migration - Must be Stopped” (4) “Easter Season - Spring Coming” (5) “High Court Defends Religious Liberty - We Must Too” (6) “Biden’s Court Packing - Likely to Backfire” (7) “Americans and Social Media - What Next?” (8) “Biden’s Border Policies - and Abuse of Minors” (9) “Honor Law Enforcement - Know Hard Facts”

(10) “Culture of Perpetual Riots - Why?” (11) “Sanction China for Cyber Attacks”

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |


(12) “Attacks on Second Amendment - Growing” (13) “Border Crisis and Harris Hooey” (14) “Socialist Price Controls - Do Not Work”

(15) “Congress Creating Stagflation” (16) “Trust China on Climate – Really?” (17) “Is Biden Paying Iran for Hostages?” (18) “Buckle-Up - Biden’s Failed Afghanistan Policy” (19) “Biden Pullout of Troops from Afghanistan - Dead Wrong”

(20) “Illegal Immigration Crisis” (magazine) (21) “National Security – At Risk” (magazine)

May 2021 (19)

(1) “US Constitution Racist? Hardly” (2) “Is Biden Paying Iran for Hostages?” (3) “Climate Crisis Promotors - Buying Oceanfront” (4) “Lost Art of Conversation” (5) “Crashing Chinese Rocket - Communist Indifference” (6) “Harris Wrong - Foreign Aid No Border Fix” (7) “Biden-omics - Seven Major Errors” (8) “Hold China Accountable for COVID - By Law” (9) “Critical Race Theory - Marxism 2.0” (10) “Honoring Fallen Officers - Biden is Tone-Deaf” (11) “Irony - Biden Outraged at Central American Court-Packing” (12) “Equity is Dangerous - Marxism is Not America” (13) “Reagan, Sadat, and Egypt’s Brokered Ceasefire” (14) “Conservative Counties - Seceding from Blue States” (15) “Overwhelming Evidence on China - Now What?”

(16) “Election Integrity Critical in 2022” (17) “Involving YOU in this Memorial Day” (18) “Biden’s Failed Afghanistan Policy” (19) “Defend Israel - or Prepare for Wider Conflict”

June 2021 (23)

(1) “China Must Be Held Accountable - Now” (2) “No US Carrier in the Pacific - What?” (3) “Police - Defund or Defend” (4) “Biden Abdicated Border – Six Consequences” (5) “Confronting Russia and China - Biden is Stumbling” (6) “Preventing Cyberwar - Biden’s Moment?” (7) “California’s AR-15 Ban Unconstitutional - Fresh Ruling”

(8) “Beyond June 6, 1944 - Hell for Freedom” (9) “Joe and Kamala - Bumble and Fumble” (10) “Foreign Policy Fluff - Dangerous” (11) “Critical Race Theory - Seven Hard Truths” (12) “Biden’s Inflation Could Cripple Seniors”

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |


(13) “Democrats in Chaos” (14) “Watch Out for Iran - Absolutely No Appeasement” (15) “Harris AWOL on Border - More Oversight Needed” (16) “Ronald Reagan, Sally Ride, and America” (17) “Courage - on GHW Bush’s 97th Birthday” (18) “Father Maloney - July 1, 1944” (19) “Democrats Off Course with Minorities” (20) “Only Fools Ignore History - Another 9-11?” (21) “Afghan Vaccines - Pathetic Public Relations” (22) “Supreme Court Favors Capitalism - 9-0.” (23) “Seven Hard Facts”

July 2021 (21)

(1) “Gettysburg, King’s Dream, and Hope” (2) “Biden’s National Security - Off the Mark” (3) “Connect the Dots - Anti-Police Activism and Crime” (4) “Freedom, Like Wild Horses” (5) “Biden’s Hidden War on the Middle Class” (6) “Drop Swords to Stop Drug Deaths” (7) “Public Education - In Trouble” (8) “The Incredible Shrinking Dr. Fauci” (9) “America is Rising - and More” (10) “Apollo 11 - Reflections by Buzz Aldrin” (11) “Push Back on Cuban Communism” (12) “US Constitutional Convention - Lessons for Today” (13) “Biden is Losing Peru to Marxism” (14) “Cautiously, Words on Race” (15) “Biden’s Foreign Policy - Dumb and Dangerous” (16) “Beware the 2022 Pelosi Variant” (17) “Historic Yellow Journalism - Here Again” (18) “Pandering to China - Now by Justice” (19) “Politics in Sports” (20) “Seven Hard Truths” (adapted for magazine) (21) “Racist? America is Anti-Racist” (magazine)

August 2021 (27)

(1) “America’s Strength - Empathy and Heart” (2) “COVID today - Some Ground Truth” (3 )“Protecting Society - Lessons from France” (4) “Founder’s Wisdom - George Mason” (5) “Communist China in Latin America” (6) “Message of Hope - Power of Good Heart” (7) “Three Media ‘Wows of the Week’” (8) “Sobering - Biden Ignores Supreme Court” (9) “Analysis - Economic Crosswinds”

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |


(10) “Biden Balks, Afghanistan Crumbling” (11) “Rout - Hindsight on Afghanistan” (12) “America Must Stay Strong” (13) “Could We See Hyperinflation?” (14) “Goodness in Work” (15) “Profile of a Great American” (16) “Biden Harris - Systematic Incompetence” (17) “Afghanistan - What Can Be Done?” (18) “Reversing Defund Police Mistake”

(19) “God Bless All Who Fought” (20) “American Tale - Good News”

(21) “Biden Abandons Americans – Unforgiveable” (22) “Biden Reversed – On Immigration Policy” (23) “Supreme Court versus White House – Battle Royal” (24) “Freeing Robert Kennedy’s Killer – What Are They Thinking?” (25) “John Adams – Man of Foresight” (26) “Runaway Crime and National Security” (magazine) (27) “Racism and Political History” (magazine)

September 2021 (22)

(1) “Supreme Court and Abortion - Big Case” (2) “Democrat-led Economy Tanking” (3) “Afghanistan is not Over - Resignations Overdue” (4) “What is Lucky?” (5) “America - We Cannot Go Down” (6) “Big Electoral Change - Briefing” (7) “Angry President - Indignant, Wrong” (8) “Stop Demoralizing Our Military” (9) “Biden’s Insecurity Showing and Growing” (10) ”Untangling Partisanship-Founding Wisdom” (11) ”Biden Betrayed Afghan Girls” (12) ”Hysteria or Haydn? Pick Haydn” (13) ”Civilians in Orbit - Buzz Aldrin’s Hope” (14) “Massive Deception - Democrats’ Infrastructure” (15) “Afghanistan - Biden’s Killing Fields” (16) “Biden and Haiti - Cause and Effect” (17) “The Absurdity Principle - Falls” (18) “Dappled Light” (19) ”Gold Star Tribute” (magazine, for Afghanistan veterans) (20) “National Debt” (21) “God Bless All Who Fought in Afghanistan” (22) “Racism and Political History”

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October 2021 (25)

(1) “Democrat Meltdown” (2) “Communist China Stumbles” (3) “Pro-Abortion March - Off Base” (4) “Drug Crisis - Fresh Perspective” (5) “Abortion - Listen to Your Heart” (6) “Mask - Not What Your Country...”

(7) “Defend Taiwan - Tell China to Back Off” (8) “Nation’s Drug Crisis - At DEFCON One” (9) “Democrats’ Inflation Hurricane” (10) “Political Persecution via Congressional Subpoenas” (11) “Biden’s Unconstitutional Overreach” (12) “Explaining Love of Our Flag” (13) “Reagan’s Life Lessons - For Today” (14) “Biden’s Afghan Horrors - Unforgiveable” (15) “Biden’s Tangled Web - Attacking Parents” (16) “Curious History of Voting Fraud” (17) “Cause - Polls Savage Biden” (18) “Greatness Does Not Come from Victimhood” (19) “450 Days with Colin Powell” (20) “Looking Back - Why Didn’t Powell Resign?” (21) “Afghanistan - Not Over, Solutions Exist” (22) “Americans Fed Up with Open Borders” (23) “The 1.75 trillion Democrat Outrage” (24) “Halloween, History, and Faith” (25) “Overcoming Impossible Odds: Scott Hamilton” (magazine)

November 2021 (21)

(1) “Honoring America’s Veterans” (2) “Unexpectedly Uplifting Funeral” (3) “Biden’s Infrastructure Law - Power Grab” (4) “Supreme Court on Gun Rights” (5) “Election Message - Americans Love Freedom” (6) “State of the Nation - Anxious” (7) “Where is America’s Humor?” (8) “Seeing Ourselves in Each Other” (9) “Biden and Carter - Race to the Bottom” (10) “What is Inflation? Causes, Effects, Solution” (11) “Thanksgiving - Respite from Madness” (12) “Chinese Communism’s Threat to Freedom” (13) “Rittenhouse Acquittal - Six Implications” (14) “Biden Endangers Taiwan - Projects Confusion” (15) “Return of the Star Chamber?” (16) “Prepare for Hybrid Attack”

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