AMAC Magazine - Volume 17 / Issue 6 - NOV/DEC 2023

ADVERTORIAL Unwrapping the truth Is your wireless company fueling leftist policies with their donations?

T is the season for giving, but with Christmas spirit in the air, have you ever stopped to ponder where your wireless carrier’s generosity is flowing? It’s a question that’s worth exploring, especially in this political climate. Deceptive “charitable” giving. At first glance, many of the big 3 wireless contributions may appear to be acts of goodwill, but what lies beneath the surface is often a tangled web of donations to leftist, woke causes that often stand in stark contrast to the conservative values that we hold dear. An American company for true patriots. Unlike some of these big legacy carriers, PureTalk has been steadfastly putting America first for years. Its chairman is a U.S. Veteran, which underscores their commitment to supporting our troops and providing a valuable military discount. However, their dedication goes beyond that – just recently, PureTalk demonstrated that actions speak louder than words by

forgiving $10 million in veteran debt, a true testament to putting their money where their mouth is. By choosing PureTalk, you not only save on your wireless bills but also contribute to saving American jobs. Every dollar spent with PureTalk bolsters the economy here at home. In addition, because 100% of their customer service is right here in the United States, as PureTalk grows, so does their ability to employ more hardworking Americans, ensuring a brighter future for our nation. How much can I save with PureTalk? The average family of four saves $75 a month for a total of $900 a year by switching to PureTalk. Monthly plans for AMAC members start at just $10 per month with talk, text, and blazing fast data. So how can PureTalk charge so much less? For starters, they don’t spend millions supporting shady causes and political candidates. PureTalk also doesn’t operate brick-and- mortar storefronts with high overhead costs the way the others do. Not only that, unlike Verizon, PureTalk doesn’t

bundle a bunch of add-on products or services into its phone plans as Verizon does. Verizon insists they’re “free,” but they’re really extra costs buried in your monthly fees. PureTalk is happy to pass these savings along to their customers, whereas Verizon just lines their own pockets. PureTalk has 5G and covers 99% of Americans. PureTalk operates on the largest, most dependable 5G network in America. With PureTalk, you get the same coverage as one of the big 3 but at half the cost, without sacrificing your values. Check out their coverage map, and you’ll see just how extensive the coverage is. 100% U.S. customer service. We’ve all experienced the frustration of calling customer service and struggling to speak with someone halfway across the world. PureTalk customer support is 100% American. PureTalk is committed to keeping its customer support 100% in the USA.

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