AMAC Action 2022 Annual Advocacy Report

A yearly review of the Accomplishments and Developments set forth by AMAC Action. The Association of Mature American Citizen's Advocacy division.


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The Association of Mature American Citizens (AMAC) is the leading and growing conservatives’ alternative for all mature Americans and seniors. For AMAC members – now over 2.2 million -- and conservatives wishing to become more active advocates in their respective Congressional Districts and States, AMAC Action, AMAC’s advocacy affiliate, provides a vehicle for them to volunteer and actively engage in the national grassroots advocacy programs supported by AMAC Action staff.

The outrageous, leftist policies, actions and efforts of the Biden administration and the Democrat leadership in the Congress continue to pose an existential threat to our republic and have angered the American people generally and the tens of millions of conservatives in particular. AMAC Action provides the tip of the spear against the Left for mature conservatives and our objective is to provide conservative Americans the vehicle and the attendant support to enable them to engage in citizen advocacy in their states and in Washington, DC, respectively. Over the past three years, a total of over 341,600 Americans have responded to AMAC Action’s calls-to-action leaving nearly 1.2 million messages, comments, and phone calls weighing in with the US Congress, major federal agencies, state legislatures, and corporate executives. AMAC Action serves to support and defend the United States Constitution, freedom, liberty, and the free market. AMAC Action and its volunteer advocates work to advance AMAC members’ influence in Washington, DC, in Congressional Districts, and state legislatures across the country while serving as a valued resource for the membership, Congress, state leaders, and mature Americans throughout the nation. AMAC Action enables conservative Americans to become politically engaged and active in their community.

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2 AMAC ACTION kicked-off 2022 with successful efforts saving the Senate filibuster and blocking the Democrat legislation for a federal takeover of state elections. Activity quickly pivoted to the states where AMAC Action advocates prioritized healthcare, energy costs, education, crime, election integrity, and Article V issues for membership advocacy.

AMAC members lent their voices in significant numbers to support the Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) and the Federal Trade Commission’s (FTC) efforts to conduct a thorough examination of the business practices of group purchasing organizations (GPO) and pharmacy benefit managers (PBM), respectively, to lower prices in the hospital and outpatient prescription drug supply chains. The membership registered a huge victory when, based in part on the sheer volume of comments left by AMAC members on their website, the FTC announced an investigation into the business practices of the top six pharmacy benefit managers in June. Advocacy activity also included a campaign to support legislation to protect victims of Social Security identity theft. An AMAC Action advocate facilitated a request for copies of articles on elder abuse by a Congressional office after staff had sourced them on the AMAC Foundation website and sought to share them with constituents. AMAC Action launched its initial foray into corporate advocacy with a campaign enabling members to voice their opinion on the “woke” policies of The Walt Disney Company. launched a year-long national campaign to encourage AMAC members to participate in 2022’s elections by becoming poll watchers and election workers. Thousands of AMAC members visited recruiting websites in states throughout the country to work the polls and greatly increased the conservative scrutiny of 2022’s elections.



Additional legislative victories on issues ranging from retirement savings, promoting election integrity, opposing critical race theory, promoting hospital price transparency, promoting an Article V Fiscal Responsibility constitutional amendment, and opposing insurance company administration of Medicaid managed care were achieved in Florida, New Mexico, Indiana, Colorado, South Carolina, and Arizona. AMAC Action’s election integrity advocacy momentum on the state level in 2021 carried into 2022. AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team was very active in defeating the relentless onslaught of proposed tax increases proposed by the Biden administration that would have been devasting to individuals and small business owners. The voice of conservatives rang throughout the country in 2022 with AMAC members participating in 65 call-to-action campaigns and registering more than 300,000 comments, telephone calls, and messages for federal and state representatives, regulatory websites, and corporate executives. An exciting and unique partnership was established with the American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU) to combine efforts to support vulnerable voters, veterans, and other constitutional issues.

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As the Association of Mature American Citizens’ (AMAC) advocacy affiliate, AMAC Action is a national non-profit, non-partisan organization representing the membership in our nation’s capital, in local Congressional Districts, and state legislatures throughout the country. AMAC Action maintains a full-time presence in Washington, DC and is committed to the privilege of representing

AMAC members’ priorities and conveying their concerns to federal and state lawmakers. The Government Relations Team works to influence policy and pass legislation that advances AMAC Action’s mission including support for Constitutional rights, the rule of law, the sanctity of life, and the free market.


Bob Carlstrom serves as President of AMAC Action and brings a credential that is a blend of senior executive leadership in business, government, politics, communications, and media. He co-founded and built one of Washington’s largest independent government, international, public relations, and federal marketing consulting firms. He also rebuilt the management investment team and refined the strategy to undertake a roll-up in the metals finishing component of the parts manufacturing industry, acquiring in a concurrent M&A transaction 6 operating companies in 5 states. In government and politics, Bob served as a senior executive in the Reagan White House Office of Management and Budget where he coordinated and directed the Administration’s interagency legislative review and analysis - including the development of a broad range of legislation. BOB CARLSTROM PRESIDENT, AMAC ACTION


Andy Mangione served as AMAC’s point person on Capitol Hill in 2012-2014 and founded AMAC Action’s Delegate Program. Rejoining AMAC in 2017, he oversees all aspects of AMAC Action’s national grassroots advocacy programs and represents the AMAC membership in Washington, DC. Andy charts the policy course for AMAC Action and the subsequent execution of legislative strategies. He is also responsible for the messaging and execution of all AMAC Action call-to-action campaigns. Andy has testified on healthcare issues and serves as an AMAC national spokesperson. He frequently writes for all AMAC media in addition to popular online publications.

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Jennifer Bengtson is responsible for managing the internal operations, procedures, and grassroots advocacy efforts from the AMAC Action headquarters in Leesburg, Florida. She leads the strategy for expansion of operations through recruitment, implementation of new grassroots initiatives, and ongoing development of operational infrastructure to manage growth. She also collaborates on policy while serving as the primary liaison between the Government Relations Team in Washington, DC and the AMAC Action volunteer Delegates and Chapter Leadership throughout the nation.


Robert B. Charles became a National Spokesperson for AMAC in 2019. Prior to serving as an AMAC Spokesperson, Charles spent eight years as an AMAC strategic planner, supervisor of congressional outreach, and writer. He served in the Reagan and George H.W. Bush White Houses, as Assistant Secretary of State under Colin Powell (2003-05), Chief Counsel and Staff Director of The Congressional Oversight Committee’s arm investigating Justice, Defense, State and NASA under Speaker Newt Gingrich (1995-2000), and is a former New York and Washington, DC litigator. Charles previously taught law at Harvard University’s Extension School and was also a US Naval Intelligence Officer. He is the author of “Narcotics and Terrorism” (2003) and “Eagles and Evergreens” (2018). Palmer Schoening is part of AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team based in Washington, DC where he helps to direct the organization’s legislative and regulatory priorities. Palmer and his team ensure that AMAC Action has a consistent ground presence on Capitol Hill. Palmer also serves as Chairman of the Family Business Coalition, a group of 150 small business associations promoting tax and regulatory policies that help family-owned businesses succeed into the next generation of ownership.

Alex Ayers serves with Palmer Schoening on AMAC Action’s Washington, DC team where he helps to build AMAC’s presence and influence on Capitol Hill. Alex is an expert at drafting legislation and on the legislative process. Alex has published papers and studies in various policy areas including taxes, energy, agriculture, and economics and has testified on tax policy.

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AMAC and AMAC Action staff and leadership also attended/sponsored events held by influential conservative organizations including the Council for National Policy; Western Conservative Summit; Honest Elections Project (HEP); Conservative Partnership Institute’s Election Integrity Network, and Moms for Liberty. AMAC Action is a regular participant in forums with Washington, DC-based conservative organizations, including the American Tax Reform’s Center Right Coalition; the Weyrich Lunch; the Conservative Action Project; the American Conservative Union’s Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC); and the Family Business Coalition.

AMAC belongs to the non-partisan Free2Care coalition, a partnership of physician and patient advocates working together to create a package of healthcare reforms that empowers both physicians and patients. In 2021,

In October, AMAC announced a partnership with the American Constitutional Rights Union (ACRU). This exciting relationship will help to protect vulnerable elderly voters who reside in nursing homes, assisted living facilities, and other residential facilities. The ACRU has considerable resources available for AMAC members to use to protect the right to vote for their elderly loved ones and friends. The relationship also includes support for veterans through the ACRU’s Committee to Support and Defend (CSD) and the AMAC Foundation’s Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP). This is the largest and only partnership of its kind serving veterans while also amplifying their voices and mobilizing them to impact their communities and the country for the cause of liberty and constitutional governance. The partnership with the ACRU will span the entire AMAC enterprise, as well as its affiliates AMAC Action, and the AMAC Foundation. AMAC Action participated in conferences held by the American Legislative Exchange Council (ALEC) and the National Conference of State Legislatures (NCSL) to further expand relationships with state legislators and develop AMAC’s state-level advocacy efforts. PARTNERSHIP WITH THE AMERICAN CONSTITUTIONAL RIGHTS UNION Free2Care named its patient advocacy award after AMAC’s late founder, Dan Weber, and the 2022 recipient of the Dan Weber Patient Advocacy Award was North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell. Mr. Folwell was recognized for his work on behalf of patient empowerment at Free2Care’s annual conference in Austin, Texas.

North Carolina State Treasurer Dale Folwell (c), is recognized with the Dan Weber Patient Advocacy Award by AMAC Action SVP Andy Mangione (l) and Free2Care Executive Director David Balat (r)

AMAC Action’s... Government Relations Team held 265 Congressional meetings (virtual or in-person) with 129 Member offices or committees in Washington, DC in 2022 to discuss issues pertaining to the forthcoming insolvency of Social Security, prescription drug pricing, the Article V resolution, and other legislation of importance to the membership. In addition, meetings were held to oppose the Biden administration’s “Build Back Better” plan and underscore the disastrous effects of raising taxes for retirees living on fixed incomes. AMAC Action... with the help of its DC lobbying team, conducted an in-depth analysis of the organization’s Social Security Guarantee to ensure the proposed policy changes will allow for simple administration and provide benefits for seniors decades into the future.

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6 At the beginning of 2022, AMAC members, small business owners, and many American taxpayers alike were facing an overwhelming number of tax increases that AMAC Action helped to fight against and ultimately defeat. AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team helped to subsequently beat back over 30 proposed tax hikes that would have totaled to over $4 trillion out of the pockets of taxpayers. AMAC Action continued to recognize Congressional members for their steadfast commitment to conservative principles and presented 59 Representatives and Senators with the American PATRIOT Award. In Arizona, AMAC Action joined with a coalition in January to oppose green energy mandates that would have drastically increased ratepayers’ energy bills. The Arizona Corporation Commission responded to this opposition by striking down the policies. In February, AMAC members in Indiana sent over 1,120 messages to their state representatives and were successful in delaying a plan under consideration by the Indiana Family and Social Services Administration that would have placed senior citizens at risk for diminished access to essential healthcare services and quality care in skilled nursing facilities, assisted living communities, and home and community-based care settings. AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione also testified before an Indiana House health committee to highlight the local membership’s concern with this plan.

In February, AMAC members rallied in New Mexico to send nearly 14,000 messages to stop bad voting rights legislation that was being forced through the short budgetary legislative session. This bill would have given felons the right to vote prior to the completion of parole, provide for permanent absentee voter rolls, and expanded drop box locations, among other provisions. The bill, S.B. 8, was stopped due to the strong opposition from AMAC members and other groups. In March, S.B. 524, a Florida election administration bill, was passed by the legislature and signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis thanks in part to AMAC members’ advocacy. AMAC members sent over 4,000 messages to their representatives and senators urging passage of this vital election integrity legislation which: Also in Florida, AMAC Action supported H.B. 7, a bill that targets the teaching of critical race theory (CRT) in Florida’s public K-12 schools and CRT instruction in the workplace. The bill passed the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Ron DeSantis in March. • Establishes an Office of Election Crimes and Security within the Florida Department of State • Moves toward ID requirements for absentee vote-by-mail ballots • Cleans voter rolls • Prohibits ranked-choice voting • Creates harsher penalties for ballot harvesting (trafficking) • Deters: Non-citizen voting, Illegal signature collection practices for ballot initiative petitions, Premature disclosure of election results • Strengthens a previous ban to prohibit private funding of elections

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7 In May, Indiana AMAC members flooded their state legislature with over 1,400 messages telling it to override the Governor’s veto of HEA 1041, legislation that would prevent biological boys from participating in girls’ sports and helps to keep them out of girls’ locker rooms and restrooms in public schools. Pressure from AMAC members worked as the legislature successfully overrode the veto. In Arizona, AMAC Action joined with a coalition to support H.B. 2492, a bill which requires proof of citizenship to vote in presidential elections. This bill passed the state legislature and was signed into law by Governor Doug Ducey in March.

responded to an after-hours call-to-action in June when the US Senate’s Science, Commerce, and Transportation Committee quickly decided to vote on S. 4293, the “Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act”, a bill that AMAC Action strongly supports. Within the span of 14 hours leading up to the vote, AMAC members sent over 10,000 messages to the Senate directing it to support S. 4293. The Committee responded by passing the bill with a 19-9 vote supported Senate Resolution 754, which would designate November 13, 2022, as National Warrior Call Day to encourage individuals to talk with members of the Armed Forces and veterans to connect them with support. The resolution was agreed to in the Senate. For two years, AMAC has supported legislation to expand telehealth services to provide seniors with more healthcare choices and was pleased to see appropriators place an extension of these services into a year-end spending bill. In May, Congressman Daniel Webster (FL-11) introduced H.R. 7831 the AMAC- written “Helping Everyone Access Long Term Healthcare (HEALTH) Act”. This bill is designed to increase access to quality healthcare for Medicaid and CHIP beneficiaries.


After passing overwhelmingly in the US House of Representatives earlier in 2022, the AMAC-endorsed H.R. 2954, the “Securing a Strong Retirement Act” or SECURE 2.0, was included in a year-end spending package. This legislation contains numerous policy provisions AMAC proposed, including AMAC founder Dan Weber’s concept for auto-enroll retirement accounts, and the bill should make it easier for workers to financially plan for their futures. The year-end spending bill also included a provision prohibiting the funding for a Unique Patient Identifier (UPI). Early in 2022, AMAC Action joined with a coalition of conservative groups and physicians to oppose funding for the UPI (or National Patient ID) that would centralize federal control over Americans’ most personal information and undermine the privacy of the physician-patient relationship.

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AMAC Action initiated, or was requested to provide 46 letters on behalf of the membership to Members of Congress during 2022 in support of legislation and other actions, individually or in coalition with other conservative organizations on issues concerning: • Preventing foreign citizens from voting • Veterans training • Healthcare price transparency • Lowering taxes for senior citizens • Accelerating business investments in the US economy • Helping Social Security victims of identity theft • Prohibiting Russian oil importation • Allowing Social Security recipients to keep more benefits if they choose to continue to work • Investigating pharmacy benefit manager anticompetitive business practices • Helping employees save for their retirement • Prioritizing resources for veterans’ wellbeing

• Dissolving the DHS Disinformation Governance Board • Stopping the sexualization of America’s children • Preventing the sale of American land to the Chinese Communist Party

also sent 10 letters on behalf of the membership, individually or in coalition with other conservative organizations, to oppose legislation which would:

• Limit veterans’ choice in navigating the bureaucracy of the Veterans Administration • Increase IRS funding • End the prohibition of funding for a national unique patient identifier • Price-fix the cost of insulin • Cede states’ management of their elections to the federal government • Make the Inflation Reduction Act the law of the land AMAC Action also sent a letter to the Republican and Democrat Senate Leaders, the Republican Senate conference, and to a few Senate Democrats, strongly opposing the nomination of Judge Ketanji Brown Jackson for the US Supreme Court.

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• Sent letters and an email to state Senators in South Carolina and Utah in support for calling a US Constitution-amending convention to address federal runaway spending and the resultant continuing increase in the national debt. • Advised South Dakota Governor Kristi Noem of strong support for her anti-CRT legislation. • Joined a coalition of prominent conservatives to notify the Wisconsin state legislature leadership to reconvene the assembly in a extraordinary session to consider voter protection policies. • Supported Florida Governor Ron DeSantis’ anti- “woke” legislation. AMAC Action also posted statements defining the organization’s opposition to the Biden COVID-19 federal vaccine mandate, and the undermining of Americans’ Second Amendment protections in the “Bipartisan Safer Communities Act”.


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Chapters provide a forum for fellowship and education for local AMAC members. Each Chapter has a volunteer Leader(s) who plan and schedule meetings. AMAC Action Chapters focus on issues and legislation supported by the membership and advocated for by AMAC Action’s Government Relations Team in Washington, DC and by Chapter members and AMAC Action Delegates in their states either at the local office of their Congressional Member and state legislative representatives. Chapters are meant to be educational forums where members and like-minded friends may gather to learn about issues and speak freely in a comfortable environment. Meetings are usually held in-person with an option to convene virtually. Chapter members are also encouraged to attend local Congressional events and meetings as scheduled by their AMAC Action Delegate(s). There are 73 active AMAC Action Chapters throughout the United States. A total of 194 Chapter meetings, including connecting AMAC members with their Member of Congress at Meet & Greet events, were held with a reported attendance of 5,217 AMAC members and friends in 2022. • Election integrity • Electoral College • Becoming poll watchers/election workers • Mid-term elections • Critical race theory • Congressional redistricting • 2nd Amendment • Article V –Fiscal Responsibility Constitutional Amendment • Social Security • Energy crisis

TN-01 Delegate Kerry Reeder (l), with Congresswoman Diana Harshbarger (r)

Chapter Leader Barbara VanSyckel (r), with Congresswoman Lisa McClain (MI-09) (c), and Barbara’s husband, Don (l).

OH-08 Chapter Leader Mark Maltbie (l), with Congressman Warren Davidson (r)

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The AMAC Action State Chapter initiative began in 2022 to provide the opportunity for more AMAC members to experience the fellowship of chapter membership and learn of advocacy opportunities. State chapters allow for AMAC members to participate in virtual meeting activities regardless of where they live. Two state chapters, Alaska and Virginia, were launched in the fourth quarter and held virtual meetings. Additional state chapter launches are planned for 2023.

KY-03 Chapter Leader Cheryl Hooper (r) with Senator Rand Paul (c) and AMAC Action Senior Vice President Andy Mangione (l)

AZ-06 & 08 Chapter Leader Nikki Colletti (l) with AZ State Senator Michelle Ugenti-Rita (r)

Iowa Governor Kim Reynolds (r) with Mary Jo Smith (l), wife of Chapter Leader/Delegate Ken Smith

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Virtual Candidate Forums were held for primary candidates in Arizona for Secretary of State and the US Senate . Additional virtual Meet & Greets were conducted for individual US Senate candidates in New York, Pennsylvania, and Arizona. These virtual events drew a combined attendance of over 1,150 AMAC members and friends. There are over 341,622 AMAC Action advocates who have participated in Congressional, state, corporate, and regulatory call-to-action campaigns since December 2019. Collectively, these advocates left nearly 1.2 million messages, calls, and comments, and this direct engagement ensures that the voice of the AMAC membership was heard on critical issues. There were 21 Congressional Meet & Greet events, along with Candidate Forums, held throughout 2022. All were held in- person unless otherwise noted. Meet & Greet guests included Rep. Warren Davidson (OH-08); Rep. Diana Harshbarger (TN- 01); Rep. Doug LaMalfa (CA-01) (virtual); Rep. Jake Ellzey (TX-06); Rep. Scott Franklin (FL-15); Rep. Pat Fallon (TX-04); Rep. Gus Bilirakis (FL-12); Rep. Vern Buchanan (FL-16); Rep. Lisa McClain (MI-09); Rep. Darren Soto (FL-09); Rep. John Rutherford (FL-04); Rep. Kat Cammack (FL-03); Rep. Byron Donalds (FL-19); Rep. Garret Graves (LA-06); Rep. Monica De La Cruz (TX- 15) (Candidate Forum); Rep. John James (MI-10) (Candidate Forum); and Sen. Rand Paul (KY). Additionally, Congressional Candidate Forums were held in-person in AL-03; MN-01; and TX-03.

AMAC Action’s State Advocacy Representatives (SARS) visit Congressional offices in multi-state regions. They work on behalf of AMAC Action’s legislative mission and work closely with local Delegates and Chapter Leaders to develop skills, recruit new advocates, and schedule Congressional and Chapter events. AMAC Action has SARS covering Florida, Georgia, Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kentucky, Michigan, Minnesota, Ohio, Oklahoma, Texas, and Wisconsin. Along with collaborating with advocates at meetings in the field, AMAC Action SARS attended 41 meetings with Congressional offices including Meet & Greet events. 12 AMAC Action State Advocacy Representatives L-R, John Whelan, Nick Aramino, SARS Manager Terri Haverly, Harlon Bounds, and Bill Carson

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The AMAC Action National Conference was held May 19-21 in Orlando, Florida. The conference featured many dynamic speakers including Olympic champion Scott Hamilton, who presented his heart-warming life’s story, Trump administration economics adviser Steve Moore, and best-selling author Nick Adams.


Some of the highlights of the conference included the Activating Our Advocates panel discussion by AMAC Action’s State Advocacy Representatives; the AMAC Foundation update; and a very lively Washington Perspectives and Update panel discussion featuring former Reagan administration chief speechwriter Tony Dolan, AMAC National spokesperson Robert Charles, and the AMAC Action Washington, DC team. Nick Adams addresses attendees at a general session

Feedback about the conference from the approximately 300 AMAC Action advocates in attendance was overwhelmingly positive. Many attendees were thrilled with the agenda and left the conference fired-up and raring to schedule local District meetings with their Members of Congress as well as Chapter meetings. The AMAC Action team is proactively considering ways to enhance future meetings and plans are already underway for the next conference

The Social Security panel discussion is led by (L-R) Alex Ayers, Bob Carlstrom, and Jeff Szymanski

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14 AMAC members... participated in 65 Call-to-Action campaigns and sent over 300,000 messages, calls, and comments to federal and state representatives, regulatory websites, and corporate executives and board members during 2022. These campaigns also included requests to sign petitions, participate in elections as poll watchers and election workers, and attend statewide election integrity summits. The campaigns were launched nationally as well as in individual states across the country with members urging support or opposition for issues of importance to the membership:

• In January, Indiana AMAC members sent 1,126 messages to their state representatives telling them to oppose insurance-driven managed care for Medicaid. They were successful in delaying a plan that would have compromised healthcare for senior citizens. • In January, AMAC members in Arizona, Montana, New Hampshire, and West Virginia sent Senators Sinema, Kelly, Tester, Hassan, and Manchin 3,856 messages to compel them to save the Senate filibuster. This effort was successful, as Senators Sinema and Manchin voted with Republicans to preserve the filibuster. • In January, AMAC Action recognized National Poll Worker Recruitment Day by sending a call-to-action to the membership at-large and directing them to the Election Assistance Commission’s website to sign-up to work the polls in 2022. • In January, AMAC’s Utah members sent 402 messages to their state legislators in support of H.J.R. 9 calling for a US Constitution amending convention. Utah members were also encouraged to testify in support of H.J.R. 9. Unfortunately, the resolution failed. • In January and February, Indiana AMAC members sent 27,183 messages to their state representatives to urge them to pass legislation that would have prohibited the teaching of critical race theory in public schools. Unfortunately, after widely passing the Indiana House, the bill died in the state Senate. • In February, AMAC members in Harris County, Texas, responded to a request to become poll watchers for the March primary elections. 55 AMAC members answered the call to work the polls for this election. • In February, South Carolina AMAC members sent 1,542 messages to state legislators stating their support for S. 141, a bill that demands the US Congress call a Convention of States to address and require federal fiscal responsibility. • In February, California AMAC members sent 3,478 messages to the state legislature in support of anti- crime bills. Unfortunately, both bills failed. • In February, AMAC members in New Mexico sent 13,939 messages to the state Senate demanding that they oppose so-called voters rights legislation. Their opposition resulted in stopping the bill during both the regular budgetary legislative session and a subsequent special session. • In February, AMAC members responded to a national campaign and flooded a Health and Human Services (HHS) website with 14,156 comments telling the agency to examine the anti-competitive business practices employed by group purchasing organizations (GPO) to drive down costs in the hospital supply chain. • In February, Florida’s AMAC members let their voice be heard for election integrity by sending 4,082 messages to the state legislature telling it to support Governor DeSantis’ package of election reforms. The bill, S.B. 524, passed and was signed into law by Governor DeSantis. • In March, April, May, and June AMAC members in Michigan participated in calls-to-action to sign a petition to allow voters and the state legislature to enact voter ID legislation without any action from the governor. • In March, April, and May AMAC members nationally sent 17,245 messages to a Federal Trade Commission (FTC) website telling the commission to investigate the business practices of pharmacy benefit managers

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |

15 (PBM) to reduce the price of drugs in the outpatient prescription drug supply chain. The FTC responded in June by announcing its plans to investigate these anticompetitive business practices of the top six PBMs. • In April, Colorado AMAC members sent the state legislature over 930 messages telling it to support H.B. 1285, a measure that would disallow a hospital to pursue medical debt from patients if it was not first in compliance with federal hospital price transparency laws. Thanks in part to AMAC’s support, the bill passed the legislature and was signed into law by Governor Jared Polis. • In April, South Carolina members sent the state legislature over 400 messages and helped to pass S. 133, the state’s application to call for an Article V convention to propose a balanced budget amendment. Unfortunately, due to a procedural error, this initiative will have to be taken up again in the next legislative session.

• In April, AMAC members were able to voice their opposition to The Walt Disney Company’s “woke” policies by sending 145,119 emails, making 3,549 telephone calls, among numerous other advocate actions, to Disney executives and board members. Disney fired its head of corporate affairs in late April two weeks after this campaign launched. • In April, AMAC members contacted the US Senate with 60 messages requesting their co-sponsorship of the “Improving Social Security’s Service to Victims of Identity Theft Act”. • In May, Indiana AMAC members contacted their state legislature with over 1,400 messages telling it to override Governor Eric Holcomb’s veto of HEA 1041. This legislation would prevent biological boys from participating in girls’ sports and works to keep them out of girls’ locker rooms and restrooms in public schools. Pressure from AMAC members resulted in the legislature successfully overriding the veto. • In May, June, and early July nearly 80 AMAC members in New Hampshire responded to calls-to-action to register to become election inspectors for the forthcoming primary election. • In June, AMAC members sent over 10,000 messages to the US Senate in support of S. 4293, the “Pharmacy Benefit Manager Transparency Act.” Thanks to this advocacy, the Senate’s Science, Commerce, and Transportation Committee passed the bill out of their committee by a 19-9 vote and onto the Majority Leader for consideration for a floor vote. This campaign was later renewed and generated over 13,400 additional messages to get the bill included in a year-end spending package. Unfortunately, this bill was left out of the year-end package. • In July, two campaigns concerning a reconciliation package’s effect on Medicare and the opposition to a tax expansion directed towards small business income were launched on alternative social media platforms. Both campaigns generated a total of 1,232 messages with the income tax opposition effort being successful in keeping this provision out of the final version of the “Inflation Reduction Act”. • In July, a staggered campaign was launched resulting in AMAC members making nearly 20,000 contacts with the US Congress telling it to repeal the safe harbor that enables the anticompetitive business practices by group purchasing organizations (GPO). These practices drive up the cost of hospital supplies, including medications used for hospital inpatients. The campaign also urged Congress to audit these business practices and this effort’s follow-up will continue into the newly configured 118th Congress in 2023. • In September, over 17,000 comments were left by AMAC members on a Department of Interior website telling it to permit more oil and gas exploration and development within American boundaries. • In December, AMAC members in Texas left over 370 comments on the state’s Health and Human Services website in support for a rule that is necessary to implement a previously passed hospital price transparency law.

AMAC Action FL-04 Meet & Greet with (L-R) State Advocacy Rep Nick Aramino, Delegate Lynn Straughan, FL-04 Congressman John Rutherford, Delegate Ezra Magid, and AMAC Action Operations VP Jennifer Bengtson

AMAC Action | | 855.809.6976 |

16 “AMAC members have gone above and beyond the call of patriotic duty to help reclaim America’s election systems from the radical Left. AMAC and its members responded to calls-to-action by the thousands with an unparalleled commitment to election integrity in 2022. AMAC members helped staff polling locations as both election workers and poll observers in states throughout the country, thereby leveling the playing field in many precincts to deflect the Left’s co-opting of America’s voting process.

With AMAC’s help, conservative scrutiny of our elections this year became a reality. AMAC members further engaged by the thousands at the federal and state legislative levels, communicating to legislators opposition to anti-election integrity measures and support for bills across the nation that strengthened the integrity of the elections in the states. AMAC and its members are the MVPs of citizen engagement in protecting our elections and we are eternally grateful for AMAC’s amazing efforts.” - Cleta Mitchell, Esq., Senior Legal Fellow, Election Integrity Network, Conservative Partnership Institute “New Mexico had quite an election integrity battle during the 2022 legislative session. S.B. 8, was full of bad policy including automatically registering voters who interacted with a state agency – without their knowledge or consent. New Mexico AMAC members did an incredible job of helping us stop that bill, so that voters could be confident of voting in New Mexico. AMAC is the strong voice we need in this country.” - Carla J. Sonntag, President and Founder, New Mexico Business Coalition “AMAC members played a huge role in staffing the polls with election workers in Harris County during the primary election. Their teamwork certainly contributed to holding the Harris County election administrator accountable for the discrepancies that were discovered. We look forward to working with them again in future elections.” - Carmen Cavazos, Deputy Primary Director, Harris County (Texas) GOP “House Enrolled Act 1002 included language delaying the state of Indiana’s ability to execute any contracts on an insurance-only Medicaid program for elderly and vulnerable Hoosiers until January 31, 2023. We are continuing to engage in conversations with lawmakers and the Family and Social Services Administration to ensure consumers and providers are at the center of any possible reforms to long term care. AMAC’s support for alternative models to an insurance-only Medicaid program and engagement in the legislative process were critical in securing a delay to the state’s managed Medicaid program.” - Nick Goodwin, Director of Government Affairs, Indiana Health Care Association/Indiana Center for Assisted Living

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17 AMAC Action launched a national year-long campaign to encourage AMAC members to become more involved in 2022’s primary and midterm elections by serving as poll watchers and election workers. This effort began in January with recognition of National Poll Worker Recruitment Day and carried through to the midterm elections in November and the Georgia runoff election in December. Over 12,000 AMAC members visited poll watcher/election worker recruiting websites to learn about working the polls in states throughout the country, particularly those states that were in critical need of workers including: Michigan, Arizona, Georgia, North Carolina, Florida, Nevada, Iowa, California, Kentucky, Ohio, New Jersey, Minnesota, Maine, Maryland, Pennsylvania, Texas, Wisconsin, Virginia, and New Hampshire. Thanks to this effort by AMAC members, some of these states experienced over 90 percent worker coverage with some Georgia precincts noting a 100 percent capacity for workers during their runoff election.

AMAC Action was one of the sponsors for a series of statewide Election Integrity Summits held in Georgia, Arizona, Florida, Pennsylvania, Virginia, Michigan, North Carolina, New Mexico, and Wisconsin during 2022. The summits served to educate and activate Americans to become more involved in the election process. Topics for the summits included: forming state and local election integrity task forces, protecting vulnerable voters, recruiting and training election workers and poll watchers, learning about citizen oversight of voting software and systems, and understanding absentee voting. AMAC members enthusiastically participated in these events and usually comprised between one-third to 50 percent of the attendees at each summit.


AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber was invited to testify before Congress at a Senate Special Committee on Aging field hearing held in The Villages, Florida in November. Committee member Senator Rick Scott (FL) invited Ms. Weber to testify on behalf of AMAC members regarding how Biden administration policies impact seniors. Ms. Weber’s testimony included addressing the looming insolvency of Social Security and AMAC’s plan to stabilize the benefit, the effect the Inflation Reduction Act will have on American life expectancy, and the consequences of inflation on seniors’ savings and fixed incomes among other concerns. In sum, CEO Weber declared that: “The previous two years have shown true ineptitude on behalf of the Biden administration in dealing with the needs of seniors. The failure to protect the senior safety net, the inability to protect the long-term integrity of the Social Security program, the hopeless attempts to slow the rising costs of healthcare, the refusal to safeguard seniors’ voting rights, and the continued failure to protect our veterans are proof that the Biden administration has failed America. It is not hyperbole to say the damage done to seniors’ longevity, prosperity, and legacy by the Biden administration is the worst in the last 50 years.”

AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber testifies before the US Congress at a Senate Special Committee on Aging field hearing

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AMAC Action is headquartered in Florida and as residents of the state, Operations Vice President Jennifer Bengtson and her team have worked diligently throughout 2022 to develop a significant relationship with the office of Florida Governor Ron DeSantis. This relationship has progressed to where senior staff members from the executive office routinely call with invitations for AMAC members to attend the Governor’s events in communities throughout the state. Invitations to 30 such events were extended to AMAC members during 2022. AMAC CEO Rebecca Weber also recognized Governor DeSantis’ firm defense of parental rights, protection of voting rights, and support for the rule of law by honoring him with AMAC’s American PATRIOT Award at the Florida state capitol in Tallahassee in August.

AMAC Action and AMAC leadership with Florida Governor Ron DeSantis

generated a substantial number of in-depth articles, columns, interviews, and social media postings reflecting member interest, concern, and priorities in policy and politics, law and legislation, culture, and presentation of key truths through analysis throughout 2022.

• AMAC national spokesperson Robert Charles composed 274 articles on topics including cancel culture, inflation, Canadian tuckers, parental power, abortion, the Ukraine invasion, and Joe Biden’s weaknesses. • Mr. Charles gave 259 interviews for television, radio, podcast, and symposia interviews on a wide range of legal, policy, political, international, investigative, and national security topics. Media outlets included Fox News, Fox & Friends, Securing America, AUN TV, Conservative Commandos, SRN, Alan Nathan Show, Mark Hahn Show, regional radio stations like KLFC, KTRH, KPRC, WTOP, as well as regular podcasts with John Solomon, Frank Gaffney, and Rebecca Weber on AMAC’s “Reb and Rob Show,” part of the Better for America series. • AMAC national spokesperson Andy Mangione continued his weekly appearances on the nationally syndicated Mike Gallagher Show on the Salem Radio Network. • Andy Mangione also appeared on Fox News, Fox Business, and Newsmax TV in addition to interviews he and Bob Carlstrom gave for NTD TV.


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• AMAC’s communications specialists drafted daily tweets for AMAC’s Twitter account and generated 2,012 tweets during 2022. - 1,200,900 Tweet impressions/views occurred – with an average monthly viewership of 3,358. - AMAC’s Twitter had 429,123 profile visits. • Members of AMAC Action’s Washington team, Bob Carlstrom, Palmer Schoening, and Alex Ayers wrote over 100 articles concerning various policy issues that impact seniors, the economy, small-business owners, and the mid-term election. • AMAC’s Facebook posts reached nearly 7 million people, and Instagram posts reached nearly 400,000 people.


2023... brings a divided Congress and the opportunity for reasonable engagement on AMAC Action’s priority issues, including enactment of the AMAC Social Security Guarantee initiative to address the looming insolvency of the Social Security retirement trust fund and the cost of prescription drugs during the 118th Congress. Advocacy efforts will continue to focus on election integrity issues (both nationally and in the states), the Article V Fiscal Responsibility amendment, and the reintroduction of the HEALTH Act among other healthcare initiatives. AMAC Action will also work to grow relationships with veterans organizations to support the AMAC Foundation’s Foundation Veteran Outreach Program (FVOP), continuously recruit and train volunteer advocates and establish new Chapters to add to the AMAC Army, and increase our operational capacity. 2022 was indeed successful thanks in large part to efforts of the AMAC Army. These volunteer advocates superbly complement the work done by the Government Relations Team and are a significant factor in AMAC Action’s prominence as the foremost conservative advocacy organization in the United States.

The AMAC Action Advocacy Team: First row (L-R) Cristy Shufelt, Deanna Mikiska, Kristi Koffel Second row (L- R) Kevin Beeley, Holly Greco, Claudia Dashio, Gail Williams, Terri Haverly, Jeff Szymanski, Michael Teninty


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