AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024

1. Which is the first patent soda brand in America? (a) Diet Coke (b) Dr. Pepper (c) Pepsi (d) Coca-Cola 2. Which soda is the most TAKE THE YESTERYEAR QUIZ! (b) Seven Up (c) Coca-Cola (d) Pepsi 3. Which state did the first patent soda brand originate from? (a) Texas (b) Florida (c) Kansas (d) Vermont 4. In the 1930s, a popular drink that’s made of ginger ale and a splash of Grenadine was named after this famous child actress: globally consumed today? (a) Mountain Dew

cocaine  a drug widely recognized as a safe and healthy reliever of ailments at the time. The cup of bubbles and jitters quickly rose to become the most popular remedy for headaches. But it wasn’t long before people started catch- ing on to the intense downfalls that would occur once their last sip was swallowed … starting a cycle of never-ending spurts of happiness and headaches. This highly addictive and dangerous stimulant was later removed and replaced with sugar in the form of malted milk powder. But what really spread soda through- out the country was the prohibition era. Soda fountains quickly began fill- ing the empty spaces where alcohol was once dispensed, and the now-dry nation became a well-caffeinated one. Even after the prohibition era ended, these shops continued to do well for decades. But, like many precious parts of our country, effi- ciency trumped all, and it became easier for automated machines to fill these cups, allowing soda to be served more widely throughout the country and no market to be left for the fountains. Today, coffee reigns as America’s prime source of caffeine, and soda is as easy to find as water. But, next time we go out to eat and the restaurant server places that ice-cold glass on our table, let us not forget the charm- ing essence that once embodied the simple art of taking a succulent sip of soda.

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