AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024


F or four years, we were safe. Under President Trump, we were safe. Not only was the border secure, but foreign threats were in hand. For example, ISIS — the global jihadist threat that Obama had publicly stated was a “generational threat” we just had

to get used to — was not dealt with as an eventuality we must live with, as then President Trump declared war on the physical Caliphate of Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi, and within a matter of months the theocratic insurgent proto-state lay in ruins. Whether it was Sunni Jihadis like

ISIS, Shia terror-sponsors like Iran or Kim in Pyongyang, Putin in the Kremlin, or China’s dictator Xi Jinping, they knew better than to mess with the America-First Pres- ident. That is now ancient history.

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