AMAC MAGAZINE: Volume 18, Issue 1 - JAN/FEB 2024

choose not to be caught? The answer is they do not want to be vetted, be fingerprinted. AMAC Explain that a bit further . . . Tom Homan Well, don’t you think, if you are a criminal, trafficker, or terrorist, that is where you want to be? And how many of those 1.7 million are terror- ists? Don’t you think at least one? How many others? That is what this administration set up  hundreds of thousands of young Americans dead to Chinese and Mexican fentanyl, the horrors of sex trafficking, and now greater potential for terrorist events. Even the head of the FBI says terror threats after October 7 are at an all-time high, “blinking everywhere.” AMAC Tom, can you offer a comparison to Israel, for a moment, some perspec- tive on our security? Tom Homan Sure, of course. Let me tell you, I went to Israel before October 7. They have a major wall and surveillance structure, all sides, all borders, not like ours, and look what happened. We have the same enemies, but an open border. Think on that. We have a ramped-up terror threat, north and south, BECAUSE of our open borders. AMAC How do the intercepts now compare with the Trump years? Tom Homan After 9/11, we created more databases, a vetting program, and prevented

terror. Under Donald Trump, we had only 11 attempts, 11 on the terror watch list. They knew they would be caught. Now, many just walk in. Even so, they are bold  in 2022, 659 apply- ing who were on the terror watch list. And that does not include those who have no background to check, come in, cannot be vetted. Do you think El Salvador, Afghanistan, China share data on criminals, drug traffickers, or terrorists? AMAC On terrorism, the FBI director finally admitted in December “all lights are blinking.” But why? Tom Homan Because foreign terrorists

November 2023, we intercepted 18 on the terror watch list, yet during all four Trump years, we intercepted only 11. Things are at a crisis point. AMAC Tom, if you could put your finger on reasons, why is this happening? Tom Homan These days, we have an open door. That should scare every Ameri- can, especially when we see what happened last October to Israel. Iran and terror groups hate us also, and we have an open border. If a terror organization can beat Israel’s system, think about us. Israel is on their border 24/7, has a vast wall system, wall dug

and violent Mexican cartels, drug and human traffickers, got the green light from this adminis- tration. Last year, we had 227 intercepted on the southern border who were on the terror watch list, another 432 on the norther border. Who is talking about that? We had 659 poten- tial terrorists inter- cepted, and then . . . what about those not caught? Border security has become urgent, which is why every American should put it at the top of their list of issues when voting, for a president on down. In one month,


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